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Emeraldy Flame Shadows - Poem by Dexsta Ray

The flavor of the
Staying determined to err from the curses
Certain words and works
Immersed in hurts
I might romanticize it all, the panicking
The understanding in the underhanded tricks
Extra powers, just as sour, still as unimportant to me
Though misrepresented at times
I have some self respect, not to just neglect
The wretched wreck and present nets
Recollection ain't sufficient, cept' for testament
I write for me, I write for ye who find the diamonds bedded in
The inspiration...
I don't write for tricks of satan
Let it down, less in pounds
Integration, disengagement, in this strangeness
The mazes, amazement, contained...
Ain't a thing to let go, I just know what is right, and wrong
Writing odes
That light the soul
And, do I have material...
Paths inferior
Laughs and traps, maps in halfs
And draft the math
The mass hysteria, apples, raffles
May I capture truth, and stamp the proof, from avenues to circles
Waxing moons and purples
More preoccupied with attitude than the smoother, hurdles
Not, actually, up that high, and one could overstep it, gold and precious
Rules, so respect it, and, as a human, fine
Removing eyes from useless kinds of fruit
That sow depression, froze regression
On the antipode, antidotes...
Seeing harvests being imparted, it's a glorious thing
People reap desserts
Sea of mirth to heed restoral, gaining
The immortal fragrace, and tenderness
Normal temperaments, that intermit, the sinners fit
And meant to prosper, spirit problems...
Not the insolence
I send it in, all net, and with that sound
Forget what all said
The fall dead
Dexamethasone, set, protect a soul from something worse
Dirty mouths, stirring
Conscious of a crisis, hurts like stomatitis
Just the brightest...
Royalty just like my Father God
And just as handsome too, I flash these pearly whites, my hands had move in Light
For truth
The path that Christ had drew, seldom early nights
Expand away from man's abominations and embrace the Lord
I'm hard to see, hard to speak with, my sleeves thick, pardon me for honesty
My breath is like a double edge
Fake deep just ain't me
I stay dreaming, leading, mainly, ain't deceiving, means to
Humbling self
Increase in righteousness
No stumbling left
Puzzling health, grind and sue
Climb in truth
Harassing actions, badgering without a cause
I figure, ah, the prophecies came
And might need a lawyer too, rogues, foiled loops
Coy disputes to toy with whos of Light, run or choose to fight
Sower moves, soil, fruits, and branches
While I have expressed my unacceptance to the roots and tries to smite in times before
That don't encapsulate me, not all I say is grafted to the crafted ruse
Doesn't activate peace, but masquerade, just emasculate things
Advance, estranged
Thinking everything about, everything without
Hate and doubt, faded mazes, clout
That I ain't devout
Straight and narrow, heaven
Way to circumspect the snaking route
To bring about the changes found
Even kindness is smeared, snide appearance due to everything, that disguise the Spirit
Or just what we've been told by ole slew foot
The cunning devil, nothing, call the Lord's name, the undeveloped faith will raise
Measured, trusting
Love is God's, at core, much, alot in store
Forgotten darkness
Light before, the Highest Lord, and so I bow to that
Down my hat
Lounge around the backs of crowds and packs
Mountains flat, resounding claps, I worship God
Until the ground collapse, and turn to squash
Diverting from the ways of sin
But that is just my preference though
Confess and sow
I know, jealous devils set for the hell of it
But I'm dealt intense resistence, I persists and never quit it
Never ending, clever envy, fail, diminish
When I stick my faith into my Spirit sword
I'm hitting for it, gets absorbed, I'm in accordance
Imps and demons in distortion but will never prosper...
Better roster, hellicoptor, deviled teleprompters, extra
With the bad deeds
And seeds, hands feeding weeds...
Ashing wheat, but the roster doesn't, roster loved me
Lobsters, something for them, if I have, still I craft my half
Not imposters like imposters
I ain't one to squawk, I'm one to walk, the trust involving Light
Not the crummy talk, dishonesty is stalking, still, the Cross can heal the falls
I kneel to Cross, I feel the Cross, it builded all
I'm trying to tell somebody...
Strings of satan, appreciate and it be negated
Regardless how it seemed on the face value
You change value...
'Cause it's mainly the taking and not the giving
In the pattern, focus, only on the openness of souls, on the colder scopes of the globe
I want to follow God, even though it's wrong to the strong and souls who know it's not...
Grating information, think I'm imitating
This contagion, dissipating, infiltration, meant to stain the Kingdom
Quarantine, the strain I'm seeing, not that instigating, sitting with the Most High
To listen
'Fore I indicate it, chicken Florentine, adoring themes and scenes
With dates and stuff, time is non-existent, but, for here,
there's some constraint and stuff
And I don't want to hear it
Stumps of minuses portrayed as plus, and if it ain't to bludgeon
Ain't for crushing, but from inspiration
What's the point of hate?
Say, enterprises, different timing, mix in spirit guidance
Recently, I learn some new perspective that have change my life...
Evil stick opinions that I don't even embrace (unrelated)
Use to dream of the position that God conceived
Me to face
Satan schemed to stop the vision through lots of secretive plays
Strange to me, but watched and listened, plots are even renamed, in secret
Just to keep it, steep, on other levels though, the shells and sails
I felt the coast and held the soul of her
That counts along the oceans, seas, chosen themes for art, to feed
The heart
Behold, the most love the dust can even hold, completely whole, and strong
Happy for the majesty, attached to me, or banishing
I'm vanishing upon the finishing anyway
Commencement in a state of selflessness
I welcome in, benevolence, a measure of the Kingdom in us
Proverbs chapter fifteen and verses one through four, something more
Appreciating little things like some important
Organize my scrapbooks, order portals, poems
Normalizing that look like some would probably hoard some pictures
Seeing progress everytime I place the Lord in front
Seeing prospects and conscious of the steps I take
Spirit living, minus physic vision
Still attended
Looking in the hills from whence my help come, left none
Potential meant for emptiness for every ending day
In the way because I kept none
And this is my approach forever...
Labels, titles, nothing measures, just identify, some extra sections of the
Whole environment that is the Light
In His sight, diminish, smite the evil
Climb like Peter, out the boat, and most remember
This story
Throughout the Scriptures, we behold, a many, seem we go with any to whom
We relate...
We need to change up the perspective, so we see it straight
Instead of seeing like Peter, we should be the One he seen, with faith...
Evil hates the Light and try to stir up much confusion, just illusions
Such amusements, thinking with a carnal mind...
A darker time, hard to find hearts that's large inside in the lines
I don't start to stray, embark and pray
Regard the faith and not what satan say


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