Forgive You Poem by Unwritten Soul

Forgive You

Rating: 4.6

Forgive you
It is not hard to forgive you
Transparent heart, i know who are you
It is okay to forgive you
Need no reason, just forgive you

Pains u gave me, smiles i give you
Hates can stab me, please not to you
You innocent in the eyes of anger
Truth will be seen a bit longer
Never mind how deep you cut my skin
Never mind how bloody heart i felt in
I just can't hate you
Everything u do, forgive you

I need to save you from dark
So just give me all your pain
Cleanse your suffering marks
I'll wipe away your trouble not to stain

Then, when a chance came to me
Finally i have to leave you
Doesn't mean grudge buried me
But no chance to tell you
When truth comes tell everything
Don't feel regret or bad feeling
I told you, i forgive you
But now forgive me for leaving you
Only one thing i want you always do
Smile as sincere u can do
We still friend, promise you, i do..
Forgave you, now Forgive me

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Theme: Forgiveness: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :
the inspiration by people and imagination Don't shy to say
sorry, don't feel difficult to forgive..the ego only kill the
beauty of life In everything we do, don't let emotion enclose intuition


Frank James Davis 08 April 2013

Forgiveness heals! Truly lovely sentiments, Soul.

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Amitava Sur 13 November 2014

So nicely you said here, yes forgiveness is the best and most difficult quality to attain. Once it is attained the divinity is felt.

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Rebecca Navarre 23 October 2016

Brings Tears to my Eyes! ! ! In a Beautiful! Melancholy! Sentimental! Way! ! ! What a Inspiring and Precious Poem! ! ! So Very Much needed for All! ! ! Forgiveness Both ways Frees! Even if we are the only one who can/will say I Forgive You! Believe All Is Forgiven in the end with a Sincere Heart! ! ! As You Do! ! ! Thank You So Much For Sharing! ! !

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Unwritten Soul 23 October 2016

Yes i have some connection to this old poem of mine, where we have to move on and to forgive but at same time we cant tell and explain...just let time reveal the truth if it really want to. I always think that its okay to keep it like that because the truth never change the fact or history although people misjudge us...then sometimes i just rather stay away to focus what life still offer..i believe all of us have the same thing.. Thanks for always supporting me it really mean a lot Rebecca... Wish you the best too :)

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Bhagabat prasad hotta 07 November 2018

So nice poem.....I like it......

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Dr. Antony Theodore 02 March 2021

Don't feel regret or bad feeling I told you, i forgive you But now forgive me for leaving you Only one thing i want you always do Smile... Forgiveness is a great theme which Jesus Christ preached. loved to read this theme from you. tony

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Varsha M 25 December 2020

This is a heart touching enlightenment. So truly said forgiveness is above all. And its awesome delightful thing for a blessed life

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Cowboy Ron Williams 01 July 2020

Very nice poem on forgiveness. I would invite you to read my poems (I have five of them) but my account is new and Poem Hunter has not activated them yet. I don't understand this. I thought people would be able to read them at once when they were posted!

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Mahtab Bangalee 04 March 2020

beautiful poem penned and beautiful poetic theme - yeah right you are that the ego only kill the beauty of life/// great writing

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Anjandev Roy 08 February 2020

Wonderful piece. Lovely to read. anjandev roy.

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