Emergency Brake Poem by ONElia AVElar

Emergency Brake

Rating: 3.1

An emergency brake
and noise of motor horn.
No, no, they did not
bring me to a stop,
they did not warn.

They catapulted me!
My consciousness,
again in world,
where cars, head-lights and races
imitate motion...eyes...faces

Excuse me please,
I was immersed in dreams...
where car-less pedestrians
walk barefoot and carefree
in an exotic paradise...

Wake up, Eve! 21. Century!
You are on the Earth!
Road cops (no angels) .
Stop your nostalgic, paradisiac,
parasitic, parabolic, daydreams!

Sofia, 30. June 2008

Janice Windle 04 September 2008

I really like this episode Onelia. I can identify with it. Do you write poems while driving, like I do? The cops can't catch you doing it (chanting the lines to revise and remember them when you can stop to write them down) - it could be classed as dangerous driving but it makes a long journey short!

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David Desantis 07 July 2008

this reminded me of the beatles 'a day in the life', especially the part when the politician is either daydreaming, or 'mind blown off' in the car....i like how you veer back and forth, eden to 21st century...nice one

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Vidyadhar Durgekar 05 July 2008

Car, dream and consciousness.........excellent imagery and narration

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Ivan Donn Carswell 02 July 2008

You mean they don't have motor vehicle traffic in the Garden of Eden? Love the alliterative final strophe... Rgds, Ivan

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Coach Roth 01 July 2008

Ahhhh...the hustle and bustle of life intruding upon our dreams of solitude and 'get out of the way you a********'...very descriptive...Coach

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Mystic Indian 06 September 2009

waking up to reality and 'existing' in the presence of 'beings' is a brilliant analogy.10/10

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Ted M 08 August 2009

This is Wonderful reading. Eve on Earth. Your style of Poetry is so unique and holds us till the very end.........10+++

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C. P. Sharma 22 July 2009

Onelia, Dreamy derives are dangerous here. Poetry is not permitted on roads. They smoke away the roads. LOL cp

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Akram Awadat 03 February 2009

very well done, nice poem thanks a lot

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Ashraful Musaddeq 04 September 2008

The content, presentation, & composition is really different. An exotic taste! The art of writing is so interesting that as a reader I've gone through this poem from strarting to the end with the curicity. And finally, I've got a marvellous taste & offered my 10. B-e-a-t-i-f-u-l!

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