Ephemeral Love Poem by Almedia Knight-Oliver

Ephemeral Love

Rating: 5.0

Man dressed in black
Holding high and tight
His scythe.
Teasing me
When I pass or
-maybe gaze at me a while-
saving me for last.
Warm eastern dawn emits
light and heat, then fall
into arms of ablaze horizon

In the distance sits
moon's dim light along
side the lone star, acting
like a hundred lights.
Tired love,
no other
awaits me.
Should I love through
more repeating hours or is
love a constant farewell?

Almedia S Knight

November 22,2009

John Knight 23 November 2009

Almedia Angel - You are much too young for the grim raper but not too young for love. We all love you - not in an ephemeral way - but right from the heart. The sun is setting for each of us - but it rises the following morning giving us another day for life and love. Do we ever reach a pint were 'No other love awaits me' I don't think so - I know a lady over 90 who gives more pleasure than a teenager - we are nver too old for love! 'Should I love through mre repeating hours? ' That is your quesion Angel you have to answer it. The next line gives us the answer 'Ahead of us lies eternity' we have to hold on to love before that day. Our link is cerebral - spiritual and because 'Our Spirits remain love' we can love now and through eternity in an unbroken and unending passion. This is a ten rated poem. Love yu in Poetry - JOHN X X X

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milady, lovely poetry. i tell you take the one dressed in white. i prefer hime..

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Eyan Desir 23 November 2009

Rhymes and flow wonderful on the tongue good job

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Claude H Oliver Ii 23 November 2009

Your point is well taken. Love is intangible, ethereal yet here, a paradox.

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'Our spirits remain love, And a constant Farewell' thats the quality of love, unworldly, just its reflection in a tear is visible..., thoughtful and beautiful, thanks for sharing 10

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Lynn Glover 09 July 2010

I know of what you write, at 75, I to kinow that everything is ephemeral. I don't even have to buy green banans any more. Having said that, you have penned a very lovely poem and I had a great time reading it. Keep up the excellent work, Lynn.

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 03 March 2010

very smooth.....nice poem!

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Dr.subhendu Kar 25 January 2010

A hundred lights for a night Knowing I’m tired … For no other love Awaits me........................... love of years splashes onshore heart yet never riffles as when a sage, wonderful write by imagery and metaphors,10+++, thanks for sharing

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 08 January 2010

Should I love through more Repeating hours? Ahead of us lies eternity; Our spirits remain love, And a constant Farewell....ya and that is called love..repeating hours and its remain speak of only love..beautifully presented theme with deep meaning...i loved its contents....10 read mine....come home...home bound..no separate ways...divorce

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Ken E Hall 07 December 2009

Meaningful poem rather sad but shouts out so loud well written.... on this planet going for billion of years our lives are so ephemeral. thanks for the read of ++++++10 regards

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