....Everchanging Time.... Poem by wardha jawdat

....Everchanging Time....

Rating: 3.2

the arm holes stare
like dumb gaping wounds
at the passersby
the single eye painted
with thick heidi lashes
looks disturbingly unquestioning

the once pretty pink ribbons
frayed and threaded
the waxen curls glistening like
tar caked upon her forehead
her pretty booties
once maybe were pink

she was loved once
she was adored once
she was coveted once
till age ravaged her bloom
and a new passion
supplanted her.

.....the fear that time will rob us of our youth is so real....and the youth of that time will then rob us of our prestige....life is cruel indeed.
inspired by sarwar choudharys' piece...


on the outer rims of pink a grey awaits in glory where supple curves yielded sits pretty; recounting sagas of yore the undulating forehead where love leaves arenas reverence rushes in

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Kesav Easwaran 01 November 2008

decaying is also a process in life...the beauty lies in its silent understanding acceptance...but i agree with you Wardha...for at this age of yours it sure looks a horrible thought...but as one ages on, the intensity of this horror recedes...ten for this thoughtful write...

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Aijaz Asif 06 November 2008

what a deep write indeed and yes the cruelity of time is eating away the youth but it's also giving away good experiences this is what a life is...i liked it very beautiful write 10+++

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Wali Jamali 05 November 2008

out of the world..................

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Sathyanarayana M V S 05 November 2008

Great philosophy. Like IRREVERSIBLES by 'msl.Anuradha'. So true we all have to realize. It also reminds me a Hindi song: 'darpan thumhe jub darane lage......thab tum mere paas aana priye' fro Poorub aur Paschim. Great poem..........10

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Rinzu Susan Rajan 04 November 2008

wow...well written...

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Sadiqullah Khan 01 November 2008

Aging is a timeless experience, , , as we age we know what the reality of life is but we tend to remain silent, , , well spoken here wardha, , , a 10

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