, , A Mothers Anger Poem by wardha jawdat

, , A Mothers Anger

Rating: 3.2

issue ofmine
borne with love,
birthed with care;
i look at you now
the naughty gleam in your eye,
as your worrisome ministrations
wreck havoc with all order.

i look and marvel
at the miracle of your evolution..
from gurgles to mumbles
and thence to comprehensions;
the actions with anger
tempered by the pouts
which dissolve my resolution to be firm.

you, little bundle of joy and woe
all atwitter in a fit of
infantile anger..
i look at you, bewildered
marvelling, as a mother
at what God had me do!

inspired by my year half old daughter who has the strange power to drive me to tears and then be smiling thru them as she licks my face like a little loving poodle!

Reshma Ramesh 25 September 2008

wow wardha this is a lovely one.......i have written one on my 4 year old son called 'your little things' check it out sometime this gets a 10

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Aijaz Asif 23 September 2008

a very touching and beautiful poem.....May Allah Bless Her....10++++++

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Koyel Mitra 21 September 2008

Affectionate mother's love reflected in this poem.Lovely!

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Sadiqullah Khan 19 September 2008

what a lovely piece of writng, , for the little one, , are thses the motherly affections we learn instinctively, , it has some common source i believe like love itself, ,10

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Ivor Hogg 14 September 2008

Nature equips the young with adequate defence to diffuse anger M lady

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Shahzia Batool 03 August 2012

i look and marvel at the miracle of your evolution.. from gurgles to mumbles... A few lines from Morning Song are recalled to mind as i was reading these lines: Your mouth opens clean as a cat's.The window square Whitens and swallows its dull stars. And now you try Your handful of notes; The clear vowels rise like balloons. A natural poem, no doubt!

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ata khan 05 April 2009

Mothers are reflection of God's love on earth True, sincere and selfless. I wish no one has to go through the pain and agony of losing them so soon. All your medals and achievements become lifeless without HER. My salute and hats off to all these beautiful angels called mothers. 10++++

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Waqas Naeem 18 December 2008

i look at you, bewildered marvelling, as a mother at what God had me do! beautiful! @above love speaks, resounds, radiates from your verses and it's titled 'a mother's anger' :) so next time my mom's angry with me, I'll just think she loves me more! thanks for this great poem. smiles.

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Indira Babbellapati 26 October 2008

both mother and child are born at the same time...as much a new experience to either!

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Caterpillar MC 29 September 2008

wow.....may be my mother felt the same way when i did a lot of naughty things as a kid....reminds me of my childhood....thank you for the nostalgic memories your poem evoked...

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