Everyone Has A Different Understanding Poem by Steven SRS

Steven SRS

Oakland California

Everyone Has A Different Understanding

Rating: 5.0

Everyone has a different understanding
Of the color red,
Not everyone agrees upon what should be done in bed.
Everyone sees the world with a pair of eyes
But what is beheld in the mind might come as a big surprise.
Some see beauty, joy and pleasure
While others ugliness, shame, disgust,
Something that all should shun
It momentarily can boggle a person,
Until it is remembered
Everyone has a different understanding
Of the color red.

Ejaz Khan 06 August 2009

That's true and it's excatly that what makes the world so interesting place to be. A good write!

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Kasey Graham 25 June 2010

So far, my favorite. You hint at things, but move on quickly. I have read it through several times, .. appreciating a new angle each time. You have a gift for this form.

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Gail Hudson 03 September 2009

You'll never know how you'll look through other's eyes. It also depends if you are looking, or seeing. This is my favorite.

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Cheryl Caron 28 August 2009

so true....if only we could see what other perceive for a moment....the world might be a wramer place...

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Deborah Cromer 18 August 2009

Excellent! What is seen through the eyes and what is seen in the mind can be different to everyone. Ah, but what about what is seen through the heart? Another different understanding. You touch on such a fine balance between what is to some and what is to others. DC

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Marieta Maglas 06 August 2009

you are right everything is relative....nice poem.........10

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Steven SRS

Oakland California
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