The Jester Of Joy Poem by Steven SRS

Steven SRS

Oakland California

The Jester Of Joy

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I am the Jester of Joy,
A nomad of peace,
From the Land of Not.
Entertainer of souls,
A servant to man.

I am the Jester of Joy,
Mine is to spread joy through the world.
I make they who smile, laugh,
They who sulk, smile,
And I can dry the tears of they who cry.

I am the Jester of Joy,
I reach out to touch at least one person,
To touch their heart with love.
I strive to touch for at least a moment,
To fill their life with joy.

I am the Jester of Joy,
And I have a dream,
Of the world seeing as I do,
Through the eyes of joy,
For the better world it would be.

I am the Jester of Joy,
This is my purpose, my life, me.
For I am a servant to man,
Entertainer of souls,
The Jester of Joy.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: analogy
Matt Mooney 29 August 2009

Yes top salary to the jester! Laughter is the best medicine and and even the medics agree with that and health is wealth so the conclusion is obvious! Seriously a smile goes a long way and we have within ourselves the power of giving joy- of sharing in divine love.

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Shashendra Amalshan 17 August 2009

This is a world filled with sorrow, and tears sir.. I feel if you can make people laugh, rather than making them cry.. he is a great servant to the humanity..... These days we needs jesters, and comedians.... If you can make other people laugh, that is a great thing indeed.. This again is a good one.. Nice and extremely readable! ! ! ! cheers shan

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Steven SRS

Oakland California
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