Exalted Honor Poem by Deborah Cromer

Exalted Honor

Rating: 3.9

You are truth, glory and all that abounds
You are love, magic and beautiful sounds
You created life and gave us reason
To cherish time with each passing season
You made the oceans that cover the land
You did all this with a single hand
You built the mountains that tower above
You rule the heavens with endless love
You are the sun with a warming glow
We live your reality without a show
You make rain, lightning, thunder and hail
You are the power that makes the wind wail
I have swam in your rivers and walked in your streams
You have visited me in such pleasant dreams
The stars shine down from your vast sky
Why did you make it so we all must die
Your world is so grand, we would love to stay
Death is the price we all must pay


Very spiritually uplifting and beautiful.you might like to read my poem To All He Brings...another ten...

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Lynn Glover 06 July 2009

Debrah: What a beautifully written poem, I love the rythmetic nature of your poetry I must give you a 10 +++ What a Great God you describe. Thanks.You may want to try my 'God Weeps'

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Lynn Glover 05 November 2009

Deborah, This has to be one of the most beautiful poems of faith I have ever read. I love the rhyming and structure and the beauty of your words. Just a magnificent piece written by a wonderful lady. God Bless and God Speed, Your friend Lynn

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Omar Ibrahim 25 August 2009

i am really impressed by your style and your stunning rhyming....i don't know why they give us some rusty poems at school to memorize and they leave such poems............haha......thanks for sharing my friend and please dont stop writing..

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Shashendra Amalshan 24 August 2009

This is very well written indeed.. But last line hmmmm, ., .. death is the price we must all pay! ! ! ! Sometimes I get fed up with real world though, ... filled with treachery isn't it? ? ..... But we do need beautiful people to make this world shine... very good poem, .. like the free flowing manner in which you express yourself.., good 10++ love shan

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Kimber Harrison 01 August 2009

I think it's really insightful and altogether a good write. I think that it could be tweaked a little though and made into a great write. But, it's good. :)

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Louis Rams 01 August 2009

this is beautifully written. the words on this page jumped out at me for all that you said is reality. some poems may come and go, but this one here will make you glow. excellent write a double ten

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Deborah Cromer

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