Experts Testimonies Poem by krissi b'williams

Experts Testimonies

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experts state that.its a fact
that opposites do attract
and we are as different
as day is 4m night
so im praying
for what them experts been saying
is totally true n right! ! !
ive been waiting 4 such along time
to meet some like1
to call you mine
with a heart of gold n love thats true
without missing a beat
u really swept me off my feet
ive been waiting for this break
a hearts escape to another realm
to be loved so well
on the leap of faith
n some1 with all your assets, n traits
that treats me so well, so great
theres alot at stake
bcuz of my past mistakes
you try to not live in the past
but without a moments notice it catches up to
you, so fast
for so many losts and heart aches

i know that my past is not ur fault
u are not the 1 to blame
i would never accuse you of being any of them
never call you the names
of any of my past flames
you are you
everything thats beautiful
but im sure you are just as me
coming into this cautiously
you dont want a repeat of any past mistakes
and you are guarded bcuz of past heart-breaks
i just want u to know
that us taking this slow
is alright by me
cuz of our hearts' at stake
dont want to repeat, any past mistakes
i dont want our pasts, lingering around
any of our 2morrows
no regrets, no sorrows

we will make this last
thru the ups n downs
after all that ive been through
im just so lucky to have found you
loving me the way you do
it is really a dream come true
for both me n you
when i said enough was enough
that i didnt need love
thats when i met you, and here you stand
my handsome lover, my sexy guy
my loving devoted man
right in front of my eyes
pinch me...n see
if im still alive
so heres a toast n a hallelujah cheer
to the experts' testimonies...
and to fate, that led us here
so here today
i promise to stay
n let nothing nor no1 stand in our way
and heres..a cheer
for our yesterdays
bcuz without em there wouldnt be today
and heres 4 tomorrow
let there be no more regrets nor sorrows
and heres a toast to the rest of time...
may i 4ever be yours and you'll 4ever be mine

Olympia Melone 11 December 2009

this just goes to show you, that experts are sometimes wrong lol 10s, and added this 1 to my fav list

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Teresa Babson 29 September 2009

everyone believes they are an expert on something..everyone is a critic to, and they judge you and your problems, while they are unable to judge themselves...excellent write 10s

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Eyan Desir 12 June 2009

Very long I felt it should be a little shorter 10s

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