Eyes Of Pity Poem by krissi b'williams

Eyes Of Pity

Rating: 5.0

(part 2 of deaths breath)

everyones eyes,
spoke to me with such pity, as they're mouth spoke lies
and through they're smiles
they repeated over and over again
to repent my sins
and then...i would get better in just alittle while
but as i felt the darkness of death
loom, , filling up the stale air
of my room
i knew my demise,
would be coming soon
i was inhaling it, with every breath
as i ly there in limbo, just laying there
silently crying, praying desperate prayers
with a resistance i refused to die...

not knowing when, now or then
my desperate breath's
would cease, as death
bestowed onto me
which hour would it be? ? ?
that would signal my end...what hour would the grim reaper descend
which breath, would ultimately lead to my death
soon, a calmness came from within
a strength and a peace combined
and i realized then...
through my repented sins, and prayers repeated over n over again

that the life or death decision, could be
no it would be
mine...it was not my time
there was not going to be no last breath
that would surmise my death
the decision was left up to me..for it was my destiny

Cortney Rauzmen 05 October 2009

omgosh! i love it...i like how intense it is!

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Olympia Melone 11 December 2009

excellent to the follow up of deaths breath

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Deja B'williams 28 November 2009

so far ive read about 30 of your poems, and ive got to say youve got a great gift in the way you express yourself, the emotions that flow through your words...brilliant

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heartfelt poem..i know how you feel..wishing you are well..will read the other part...

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Eyan Desir 07 October 2009

We shouldnt fear death they is no escape faith in God is all you need Good write

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moribund love 07 October 2009

what I liked here is the emotions accuracy.10+++

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