F The System Poem by Rage'n Curtis

F The System

Rating: 2.9

F@#$ the system
I must'a dissed'm.

My cuddys survive'n
every day n the Camp
stay'n lit like'a lamp
walk'n tall in the town like'a mutha F'n champ! !

So what u got aginst the Native's stand?
F*&$ the white man and their demand,
we throw them n the river or we leave them n the sand! !

It aint no jokes
my Natives strait cut throats,
so u better take some notes
we got 50cals on our mutha F'n boats! !

Under cover cops try'ta pull pranks
better watch out my cuddys packn shanks!
Dont compete with us we n the high level ranks!

So dont f#$% around cause we down 2 squab,
my cuddys leave u n the dust under the mob! ! !

This goes out 2 all my cuddys
hold'n it down n the Camp!
F@#$ the pigs and the system! !

Karina The Cat 05 December 2009

Thats a badass poem i like it

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Arabian Heart 28 June 2009

A revolution of pride A way to start a spark To fall or to Rise Still you will fight Still you fight with one more sin Pride

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nice... it was umm interesting

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Mona Martinez 01 June 2009

powerful but, very creative.

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Rage'n Curtis

Rage'n Curtis

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