Reaper Poem by Rage'n Curtis


Rating: 3.2

Slowly I wait for
the moment to stike.
The oppertune chance
when the timing is right.

You cant see me
for I am the sythe
in the Reaper's hand
you shall pay the price.

When it is you turn
it will come so swift
with the turn of his arm
and a flick of his wrist.

As the messenger of death,
he is the keeper.
I ask you of this
please dont fear the Reaper.

~ Jon London ~ 17 June 2008

Hippy my brother, you really are outstanding '10' keep expressing jon

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Arabian Heart 13 June 2008

something I'm suppose to fear something thats unavoidable if he comes i trust myself to know what to do write more for me to think about

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Vanessa Svaleson 21 May 2008

wish he would come for me... i really like it though i really do. -Shorty

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Emo Seb 03 April 2008

holy sh*t, man, i luv it!

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Fallen Too Far 10 October 2007

I think Death is what keeps us alive. The fear of it IS our saving grace. Possibly. I love the poem. Stark and real, but graceful.

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Krazy Rae 13 May 2009

nicely written its great keep it up

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Jenny Molloy 02 May 2009

i love dis one! ! ! u are rely gud yano xxx

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Death is the great equalizer and it's inevitable.I like your straight forward rhyming style keep up the good work.

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Emma Woods 23 August 2008

this is great - it's added to my faves I love it and I don't know if you like Bullet For My Valentine but when I read this I was listening to Waking The Demon and it went together really nicely soz if you dnt like them lol just thought I might say what I thought lol x

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Tyease Collins 25 June 2008

nice...your the scythe? That's so kool. Lovely poem **Tyease**

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