Silence Poem by Rage'n Curtis


Rating: 3.8

Silence howl,
silence scream.
Why must you haunt
me in my dreams?

You seem so calm
so suddle with death.
I feel you trying,
so hard to connect.

Drive me insane
to the point I could break.
Because the voice of man
is what I hate.

Swallow me whole
take me away.
Please dont go
I want you to stay.

Silence be calm,
silence be still.
Consume me in darkness
with my free will.

Kaci Souisa 13 June 2009

Beautifully written! I always love your style and flow but this poem has so much raw emotion it leaves me breathless.

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Shasta ! ! ! 13 June 2009

hey dre look just cuz we are havin problems does not mean i cant comment on ur poems you are an amazing poet dre you will make it far in life always remeber that :) xoxxoxoxox Shasta

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Shari . 05 June 2009

i really like this one. the emotions are clear. very nice work.

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Reshma Ramesh 05 June 2009

well written...with lot of emotions

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Jazz Annis 18 May 2009

i like this's really good.

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Juwairia 03 April 2019

I love bts jimin and j hope🧡😍😍

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NyaNyaNyaNyaNyaNya =?= 18 January 2018

╥﹏╥ TДTㄒoㄒ╯︵╰,╥﹏╥

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NyaNyaNyaNyaNyaNya =?= 18 January 2018

╥﹏╥ TДTㄒoㄒ╯︵╰,╥﹏╥

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The Native Emo 18 November 2009

Alan, I love the way you express yourself in your poetry(!) This is one of the reasons I have fell in love with you(!) I hope you are good and I cant wait to hear from you again(!) LOVE, Larissa Killsnight

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Niken Kusuma Wardani 15 June 2009

Hi, it's a great poem! i like each word and line. It's flowing and compelling. Good job, tks for sharing.

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