Native Past Poem by Rage'n Curtis

Native Past

Rating: 3.6

Riding fast and running long
across their endless plain.
They grew their crops for years
and years like corn, wheat, and grain.

Untill the white man
came from sea
and brought their pain and

They started a war with
bow vs gun.
The natives ran to
the hills for fun.

They fought very hard
and faced them well,
out on their lands
they gave them hell.

But in the end
the white man rose.
This is the Native's land
and everyone knows.

Sage of Time 08 August 2008

i can really relate to that cause i have cheerokee blood in me. you tell it like you were there

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Emo Seb 29 July 2008

definitely. masacre the effing racist sons of b! tches mother f^ckin crackers.

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Arabian Heart 12 June 2008

much pain was used to forge this land and we know very well which blood was spilled and because of this a race was almost lost lets hope for much better lets continue to write what we feel

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kim Hook 10 April 2008

nice i like how you speak about the Indians and the earth

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Peter Cyril Riloskovic 14 December 2007

The Indians knew that fighting for land was foolish. The Earth belongs to herself and all of us are merely guests.

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Marieta Maglas 09 October 2010

nice poem...............

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Stephanie Blodgett 03 June 2009

so true

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Rose Cook 02 May 2009

i like it it shows what they had to go through and how strong they were to fight for their lands.

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Lacey Peter 01 May 2009

whoa this is great im a native have no idea how to reply to this lol buts its a 10 for sure

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this is a good poem it gives a history lesson lol and its rhymed well and its a great poem....10

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