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I Miss You

I miss you Mom
I really do
All those times
You saw me through

My Baby's Hands

Oh how I love my baby's hands
Tiny, delicate, fragile
I am awestruck
I stare at them

The Hag

I woke up this morning
Glanced in the mirror
Then without warning
The old hag appears


I will not scream
I will not cry
I feel sick
I think I'll die

I Fear

I fear death
I fear evil
I fear cruel and heartless people
I fear guns

Elisabeth Anne Wingle Quotes

05 October 2015

Somedays, the only thing that gets me out of bed In the morning is the thought of Chocolate!

27 April 2016

If you really knew me, you' know. You never knew me.

27 April 2016

I like to play with words

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Kee Thampi 06 June 2016

I wish to write on our poetess Elisabeth Anne Wingle, she writes for us simply for Kids in us to enjoy and more to feel our light may glow

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