Fate At Play Poem by krissi b'williams

Fate At Play

Rating: 5.0

our gaze...ablaze, as we stare at each others face
by destinty's hate, and a cruel fate
here we both stand, and with a painful realization i now understand
as your arm reaches out to grab my hand...i quickly snatch it back
for it would be to much...to feel even the slightest touch
of you..i'd be condemned to once again...play a cruel fates fool

i refuse to let it happen again...for here we stand, and here it ends
knowing that i know, realizing that i understand
letting it go, as i unsteadily stand
here, love disappears
for you are no longer the man i fell for, you are no longer the man i adore
here it is..the simple yet complex truth...that you........
are just the host, i am in love with your ghost
of past histories, memories, for which there are no rememdies
of crying eyes, and useless less, just living until the heart dies
for you are no longer the man you used to be
and in that somber realization there will nevewr ever be
us again, for it is our end
of you and me
you are just the host
that looks the same as him
i am deeply in love with the ghost
that you can never be again
its so sad to lose all we had
and its so much cruller, when you've been the victim and a fool of
fates at play.............

Olympia Melone 11 December 2009

fate plays with us to much sometimes.yeah we make our own fate, but destiny is always underlying 10s..fav 2

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Eyan Desir 05 December 2009

nevewr..you made a typo its never? anyway the poem was a nice read... fate is fate its a must

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Chitra - 30 November 2009

the twists and turns of fate! ..well protrayed

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Kassiah Gervaise 27 November 2009

beautiful, it truely was i can understand this stay with the good work.

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