Father's Son Poem by Spiritwind Wood

Father's Son

Rating: 5.0

Just a boy, not yet a man
only seven-teen
lived life to his fullest
happy as you could have seen
born into this world as one
he was someone's father's son
taken away far too soon
guess that's what God had planned
may peace be with you as you rest

He loved waking up in the morning
head on off to school
hang out with a friend or two
but if you would have asked him
to tell you a story of his favorite time
he would talk about those days hunting
with grandpa and dad
those were the best days I had
under those Northern Michigan skies

That old Nova sitting in the yard
he thought was so cool
waiting for that day he could drive it
piece by piece he watched and learned
as it was put together
hours turned into days that burned
nothing here is forever

He said though the time's are hard
dad did'nt we make it through
this is as good as it could get
and every eagle flies
looks like we won
he was someone's father's son

Hair so blonde, eyes so blue
shining like the moon
holding the Lords' hand
now in the promise land
he was someone's father's son

dedicated to: 'Jayson Lee Keson, Jr.'
December 29th.1991
to Septemberber 23rd.2009

Patrick McFarland 30 September 2009

What a lovely tribute.

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Obinna Eruchie 30 September 2009

And it truly is a dedication so touching.

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 01 October 2009

This is a heartfelt tribute: Father's Son' Keep writing, you're good.

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* Sunprincess * 15 August 2015

....very nice, a wonderful tribute..may he rest in peace ★

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Lidija Wolf 04 January 2010

Beautiful poem Spiritwind....someone's father's son now in the promise land...so beautiful my friend...and so painful...hair so blonde, eyes so blue, shining like the moon holding the Lord's hand....and waiting for all of us...

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 05 October 2009

Hair so blonde, eyes so blue shining like the moon holding the Lords' hand now in the promise land he was someone's father's son......so painful it is for anybody but God pick's the noble soul only becaue HE neeeds them with him... it is always lovable and sad memory in our mind.. grat write and i loved it.....10 read mine...school..smiley....kids... no techer please... son(all for kids)

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 04 October 2009

a wonderful tribute written so beautifully

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bye bye... bye bye 02 October 2009

Yes, every eagle flies, some too soon... A deeply touching poem. Death is always hard to understand but even harder to accept when a young person is taken away. My thoughts go to your brother.

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