Firefly Love Bug Poem by louis rams

Firefly Love Bug

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the firefly which is a beetle
leaves my heart torn and feeble.

it came into my life with its bright light.
when i was at my darkest peak
and my heart was mighty weak.

it radiated such a glow
that i did'nt know which way to go.
so i followed this lovely light
and it took me on a perilous flight.

it said that it could find love
even in the dark
and for me to give it my heart.

so i entrusted to it the one thing
that i had left, and it would give me
all its best.

it searched every road, and every trail
but! to no avail.

then it said that it knew where to go.
where all hearts roam free
and that's where i had to be.

it carried my heart to a beautiful chapel
where the voices of joy rose high
and it stretched across the sky

there my heart saw what it was looking for.
another heart the same as mine
to be with me til the end of time.

as our hearts floated up high.
and we looked down to this chapel.

we saw the name above its doors
'fireflies chapel of love
sent to you from up above'.

Kranthi Pothineni 15 September 2009

Very well kept message. Nice to read.

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Matt Mooney 14 September 2009

The light of love leading you on to prayer in the chapel. 'Lead on kindly light'.

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Deborah Cromer 12 September 2009

Interesting and it tells a little story. It is different, but still writes of what is always the same! Always the search and hardships of finding your match. One heart looking for another. Two hearts to be together forever. You have written this out in a different kinda way. DC

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Shashendra Amalshan 12 September 2009

Hey something different indeed! ! ! very creative piece of work.. Nicely done.. Hey lovely title too... enjoyed this one very much.. good.. 10++ hey I couldn't respond to all your invitations, kinda busy last few days.. when I am free I will read them.. cheers Shan

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