************ Free Spirit**********1979 Poem by louis rams

************ Free Spirit**********1979

Rating: 2.8

i was laying beneath a big pine tree
the birds were whistling cheerfully.
the cool gentle breeze blowing thru my hair
and i knew right there, i had not one care.

i saw a squirrel stop and look
it did'nt look like any you'd see in a book.
he was completly black and his eyes were red
that's when i realized that i was dead.
i had no form, no shape, no sound
i was above myself looking down.

Rachel Butler 04 November 2009

'I had no form, no shape, no sound' Rachel Ann Butler

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Loved your poem. Caught my attention.

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not the kind of free spirit i was expecting.. but hey...way back then you had the gift.

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Kranthi Pothineni 31 August 2009

The feel was good in this poem but not the kind of free spirit I was expecting.

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Lee Boueri 12 November 2019

The imagery is wonderful and the flow and rhythm just flows. Loved it

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A B Faniki 31 August 2019

A beaitiful images. Thanks for sharing such a simple and vivde piece of poem

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Melvina Germain 07 August 2015

This poem took me by surprise, I wasn't expecting that but it showed the astral travel, outside of the body and moving on and I find that quite delightful Louis.....

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Louis Rams 09 August 2015

your thoughts and words are beautiful - thank you

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Patricia Grantham 08 November 2014

A very deep and moving write. Made me sit up and pay attention. A black squirrel with red eyes. Spiritually enlightening.

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Earl Clark 09 September 2010

I liked the part about the strange squirrel and seeing your body on the ground. Nature distorted and out of body experience, transcending.

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