**************what A Woman Can Do***************1979 Poem by louis rams

**************what A Woman Can Do***************1979

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when a woman can bring beauty into the heart of man
she knows that she is on the right track.
for man will always try to hide the feelings
he has locked up inside.
it is an emotion he will try to deny.

but when he looks upon your face
he will know it's no disgrace
to let his feelings all unwind
and want to be with you til the end of time.

for a woman can bring out the feelings that he never knew
she can take away the sadness and heartaches
he may have gone through.
to make him feel he can confide in you.

'this is what a woman can do'.

Edward Kofi Louis 25 December 2015

Man and woman made from the beginning. Nice work.

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 17 June 2010

‘for a woman can bring out the feelings that he never knew’ …sure modern medicine has discovered ‘endorphin’ luller from brain…augmented by state inner calmness that women can trigger…you’ve nicely stated ‘eye-language’ and its interpretation…like stories that eye can tell…a ‘heart-to-heart’ poetry..thanks Sir Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10

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Kim Barney 28 January 2016

The RIGHT woman can accomplish much good and turn a semi-worthless man into somebody respectable. Good poem.

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Louis Rams 29 January 2016

thank you for the true words

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Louis Rams 29 January 2016

thank you for those true words

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Louis Rams 05 August 2019

when a woman who works and parties is one you should read for truth and laughter

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Jane Campion 03 August 2019

A truly insightful poem. It is beautifully written.

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louis rams 25 February 2019

thank you so much for that nice comment

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Jaishree Nair 25 February 2019

nice lines. A woman is definitely endowed with powers and if utilised wisely can bring strength into her man's stride.Enjoyed reading

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Ernest Makuakua 23 September 2016

So true and well said indeed a woman can do that

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