Five Elements(Panch Tatva /Panch Indriyan) Poem by Aftab Alam

Five Elements(Panch Tatva /Panch Indriyan)

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We are the poetry of five elements,
Earth, water, air, fire, sky, it represents,
Sky; envelop of the earth, like soul to body,
Our fate depends on rest three,
They stay within the envelop, within the earth,
And their movement is free,

Blood and respiration are the composition of three
Coldest air one inhales, expels the hot,
Fire rules the air and water

We are the poetry of five elements,
So we have five ways to recite this poem,
What we call senses -
Touch and Vision resembles to earth and sky,
Auditory (Ear) olfactory (Nose) and tongue
They are like air water and fire,
They got the movements
They all are connected to mind,
And mind with the envelop,

All the five elements are balanced,
We are alive and fit and hit,
If envelop is removed earth decayed
Fire extinguished..Water frozen to ice,
Air is unmoved …clogged..frozen
A system of dust in dust,
The game of five elements,
Like five ten houses with many move,
Who is playing the game?
Who is throwing the dice?

Ah! The five elements…..
And the five senses…
There must be five ways to live,
You better know yourself,
I am tired enough,
Do you hear my yelp? ....

Saturday, October 18, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: truth
Savita Tyagi 18 October 2014

Nicely worded poem. Without the envelop all the elements scattered around. Dust to dust.

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Akhtar Jawad 18 October 2014

A nice and thoughtful poem. Number five appears in our lives in various ways. You have nicely picked the wonders of number five.

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