Aftab Alam Poems

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A Drop Of Happiness

From the grief ocean, I steal, a drop of happiness,
For every autumn, I get a lovely beautiful spring,
For human youth; the festive, to dance and sing,
We nature, within nature; keepeth blissful fitness,

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Ugly Legs Of Peacock

Once, I danced;
Under the cloudless canopy,
With a dream of yours,
What a joyous moment it was!

Late Dream

Bird was flying lavishly, un-cared, unheard
Over the dale, over the field; with no shield
Enjoying the freedom, Singing, dreaming,
Thinking: “Ah! So beautiful is the dream of a bird”

I'Ve Learnt To Laugh In Grief

Delicate you are,
Fragile-agile roses!
Thou art Boldness;
Angels on earth you must be.

‘o' My Almighty

Is it tears of the night?
Or pearls of the day!
Is it woes of the star?
Or dancing feathers gay!

Petals Of Peace

What life! For I know, it's a magical bag
I can see uneyed, the bag with its tag
Always empty, it has a gigantic desire
What a folly with us? Why bathed in pyre!

That's How Sun Dies

When all birds flew back to nest, for rest,
Sinking sun into west when floated very fast
Heavy hands and hazy mind when lost its zest,
Then I am quite sure, he is losing vigor bast,

Coming Of Jesus

Jesus came, Jesus came, Jesus came for us
Jerusalem is shining bright, Jesus came for us

On the roof before the dusk, Jesus came to us
Tears roll, bare sole, song of praise, rush n rush

Be Happy

Awake, awake, O my torn fate! Be wise
Why do you fall? Can't you rise?
Hurry up! before the body is buried deep,
Keep thy change that ye must keep.

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