Aftab Alam

Gold Star - 39,838 Points [Khursheed] (15 th April 1967 / RANCHI,)

Aftab Alam Poems

1. Demoegypt 2/15/2011
2. The Man 2/16/2012
3. Haiku La La 2/16/2012
4. Ages Should Be With Me 2/17/2012
5. My Life 3/18/2012
6. O Human Fate 3/19/2012
7. The King 3/26/2012
8. Madness Of Mother 3/30/2012
9. ‘o' Jinny Of Sweet Love 4/21/2012
10. On The Cradle Of Peace 3/26/2012
11. O Life O Death 11/17/2012
12. Poetothemics 11/30/2012
13. Puzzle 12/2/2012
14. Once In A Dark Night 12/12/2012
15. Man And The Angel 12/12/2012
16. Satanic In Nature(Sin) 2/1/2013
17. Ranchi 2/2/2013
18. Honesty 2/6/2013
19. Happiness 2/6/2013
20. War And Fate 2/7/2013
21. Hiss N Bliss 2/7/2013
22. I Met With The Girl 2/17/2013
23. Ghost And The Host 2/17/2013
24. O Calamities 3/25/2013
25. Hypocrisy. 3/25/2013
26. Heart Of Multitude 3/28/2013
27. Sit On The Chariot And Go.. 3/28/2013
28. Avast! 3/29/2013
29. Shadow Black 3/29/2013
30. Somalia 3/29/2013
31. Dawn 3/30/2013
32. Worship 3/30/2013
33. I Will Condemn 3/18/2013
34. My Inner Vision Is A Might 3/25/2013
35. Together 3/25/2013
36. Time Has Come 3/25/2013
37. Society 4/5/2013
38. Dilli 4/5/2013
39. Wanna To Go Baby 4/15/2013
40. Co-Ordinates Of Life 4/24/2013

Comments about Aftab Alam

  • Richard Provencher Richard Provencher (9/3/2015 8:50:00 AM)

    My wife and I have been so busy working on our Kindle e-books and have been away for a while. It is such a tragedy to lose one who had the gift of expression in such a way, it came like a soothing fire and illuminated our spirit. Be at peace. If you Google: Esther and Richard Provencher you can access our Kindle e-Books now listed with Please share this information with your family and friends.

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  • Ruby Mostazir Ruby Mostazir (8/22/2015 3:11:00 PM)

    When you left us brother....we were not touch from many days. I was messaged you n waiting for your reply but you did not reply. I was worried and jst few minutes ago I got to know that you are no more. This is so shocking brother 'my chaste is paining for you. You always inspired me to write. You always care n love. How will I express my feelings! I hv no words today...may Allah grant you jannah brother. You will be always in my prayers.........

  • Ramesh Rai Ramesh Rai (8/22/2015 4:51:00 AM)

    You left us on 30the June 2015 and left your remembrance which is immomal. May your soul rest in peace.

  • Mj Lemon (12/29/2014 4:12:00 AM)

    You are a great poet...your verse is filled with deep insight. Thank you.

  • Kumarmani Mahakul Kumarmani Mahakul (11/5/2014 6:54:00 PM)

    Aftab Alam Khursheed is a renowned Indian poet from Ranchi, Jharkhand, who has special talent of writing which gives thrilling to mind and spirit and awakes many with reality of life. His poems shine with glittering touch of rays of light and each poem smiles like moon with calmness. His dedication towards perseverance of words and magic of poems is really appreciable. Being affectionate towards God, he devotes his service to mankind through poetry writing. Baaki AaAP Ki Marji, Duaa, Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamay, Prem, Itihash Ki pidaa, Maa kaa Suraj Kahin Kho gaya, Oh my Almighty, A dark Shadow, Peace pleading, Petals of Peace, Beautiful beauty, Your look is humankind, Awake! Awake, etc. are his notable works and have proved his excellence. Allah may bring lots of happiness for this poet.

  • Gangadharan Nair Pulingat (10/23/2014 9:55:00 AM)

    I likes his performance and poems.

  • Don Blumenthal Don Blumenthal (10/20/2014 6:23:00 PM)

    I particularly like this:
    Learn to laugh in grief..It is my request in brief
    Aftab Alam 'Khursheed'

  • Ramesh Rai Ramesh Rai (10/15/2014 7:49:00 AM)

    Aftab Alam is one of the most talented poet in PH. His every write is versatile. He has command over four languages as I have observed. He is having a very dynamic will power. He has an unique skill to compose every words with his emotional expressions. The Poetry world wishes for more contributions. Wish him all the best in near future.

  • Aftab Alam Khursheed Aftab Alam Khursheed (9/13/2014 10:37:00 PM)

    When language cross one another there is a possible problem As take Mahatma Buddh and Buddha all the words from Hindi to English has a problem if you say Buddha then you don't have to pronounce a, , abruptly stoppage as Buddh(a) and pronunciation with A' but it has been accepted like we write Mishra- in fact it is Mishr(a) and A is not pronounced but we have accepted yes thank for correcting the mistake d was missed, I like to be corrected expecting from all .....this is the place we can do this thank you all

  • Stan Petrovich (9/13/2014 4:43:00 PM)

    How can you possibly misspell Buddha?

Best Poem of Aftab Alam

A Drop Of Happiness

From the grief ocean, I steal, a drop of happiness,
For every autumn, I get a lovely beautiful spring,
For human youth; the festive, to dance and sing,
We nature, within nature; keepeth blissful fitness,

When spring comes, nature with its beauty; greet,
Flower with hue sways and butterflies do flip flop,
Calm breeze's sensational blush; a birth of hope,
Seasons love, mingles with whole color, they meet.

Know, a place in mind, away from the physical spring,
Hatching spring and brooding youth forever, a bliss,
Grief of the world; dry petals, away ...

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Among the thorns you laugh,
Fragile agile mighty lovely Rose.
Your built; so bold, I behold
Ah! 'Tis natures loveliest dose.

You the beauty and pride of lovers,
Among stones you the glittering onyx,
I know, you face threat from within,
Always you smile, although you are in fix.

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