Flowers Of Incertainty Poem by Julio 2 Amarante

Flowers Of Incertainty

Rating: 4.2

I am the earth without endless flowers
I see that hubris oriented endless towers,
The differential diagnosis is Hubris

Death, Hades, Caronte, you can survive
What purpose will thee search deep in me?
Alliteration, alienation, altercation,
Praise for an inexistent Nation….

Flowers of youth, genius unmapped,
Awake and give me your tears,
Actually those I tear when consider you,
I repeat, unmapped, able to be.
And be free of all your previous fears.

Words untamed,
Worlds intimacy,
Praise for thorn trees,
The one, your bees,
Magical works of unraveled
Molecular biology
Quantum Computers, how many Qbits?
Is there a solution for antithetical androgyny?

Edward Kofi Louis 13 March 2020

Earth! ! Musing along! Questions and answers. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 13 March 2020

CONGRATULATIONS on being chosen as the Member Poem Of The Day. Hooray! Most deserved. God's Blessings!

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Bernard F. Asuncion 13 March 2020

An amazing poem of the day....... Congrats on your featured piece......10+++??

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Mahtab Bangalee 13 March 2020

wondrous I'm in the very first line- I am the earth without endless flowers and the whole poem, poetic theme within questionnaire/// congrats for being selected this poem as POD

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Kim Barney 13 March 2020

Congrats for the selection of this as member poem of the day! Enjoyed reading.

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