... Font Color= Blue Love Versus Hate.... (Final Count Down) Poem by Eyan Desir

... Font Color= Blue Love Versus Hate.... (Final Count Down)

Rating: 3.7

Once the vine from above
Mixed with the seeds of love
Desires turned to envy
Envy spat jealousy
Whiter than light
Turned dark as night
Foolish humans! beware
My anger fills lakes
Hearts, I must break
Blood fills my plate
Your life is at stake
Fool! I'm called hate.

Virtuous like a lamb
Brighter than light
sadness will disapear
Laughter will be near
Loneliness will be warm
Hearts will be one
Softer than a feather
Sweet and tender
Innocent like a dove
Are the wings of love.

The sperms of Satan
Fuel with his rage
Versus the branch of God
Wrapped in human lives
Only the sands of time
Tell who wins our heart?

Copyright © ® Eyan desir. All rights reserved


this is absolutely amazing. i haven't read something this good in a long time. you don't have to write modernly for the modern to understand you. but the words you use make it seem like an ancient prophecy being uncovered and shown to the world. a warning to the innocent from a man called hate.10! ! !

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Craig Anderson 21 December 2009

I found this poem different everytime I read it four times to be precise. I didn't find repetition, quite the opposite in fact an old piece for the present time. Regards. Craig.

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Marieta Maglas 22 December 2009

excellent simile Innocent like a dove Are the wings of love. excellent abstract poem 10++++++++++

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yellowbell alamanda 23 December 2009

wow nice! i felt every verses... but hope the love always reign. have a wonderful yuletide season... bring out the love.

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Jonothan Queen 16 December 2009

definatly a great poem....

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Caleb Crow 15 January 2010

This is one of the best poems I have ever read.

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Harold K Schreiberg 10 January 2010

The images in these verses are strong, just like the subjects they depict! Nice poem.

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Clara Odelia Ciutara 28 December 2009

Eyan, this is an outstanding poem, yeah, love versus hate is a very good topic on poetry. nice...

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Ruby Gonzalez 23 December 2009

This was an amazing poem...I absolutely loved it. The way you described love and hate...awesome.

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Abdullah Musa 23 December 2009

Excellent work. It flow nicely and deserve no less than->> 10

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