Limerick Poems: 477 / 500

For Declan

Rating: 5.0

There once was a fellow named D.
he had misunderstood little me.
Though his poems ain't bad
and he is a good lad
so let pax for the two of us be.

So this limerick was writ just to say
that in life it is better to play
than to act like two farts
who would hurl poisoned darts
let me know if it's Aye or Nay.

Patricia Gale 13 July 2006

Sincerity at it's finest. Hope its Aye.

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Alison Cassidy 13 July 2006

Herbert, what a gracious apology and a gracious acceptance by the lovely Declan. I applaud you both and suggest that our ridiculous Prime Minister follow your excellent example. love to you both, Allie XXX

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Herbert Nehrlich1 13 July 2006

Auntie Scarlett, you remind me of my Aunt Hulda. To find out more about her read at least one of my poems about her (same title) . Best H

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Scarlett Treat 13 July 2006

Now, MEN, that is what I call Playing Nicely. Well done, you two! ! Auntie Scarlett

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There once were two boys who played badly, silent onlookers observing rather sadly. Now these two lovely guys each so learned and wise have made up, we all see, and so gladly! A good man to seek the peace and a good man to accept it. t x

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Declan McHenry 13 July 2006

Likewise I agree, our peace Is the order of the day; thank you for this posted piece. Indeed, it's good to play. (And to clarify and by the way this is of course an 'Aye') . Cheers mate.

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