For Mother Tongue Poem by MAHTAB BANGALEE

For Mother Tongue

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The time was in divided piece of land
Every stride was wrapped with grief
Two lands in world atlas were
Introduced in two name as national reef

East Pakistan and West Pakistan,1932km distance
Between two lands, none were same in every course of life
Unequal mentality and many more dissimilarity
There was need inevitable separation to drive

Different languages in different demand
Different cultures catch the root
Different tongues of mother
Demanded self linguistic nationality in every foot

Learned I've from the lap of rising sun
Learned I've from the veiling of mother shy
Learned I've from the father's harrowing joy
Learned I've from every stride of infancy tie

Learned O Bangla from stumbling of every breath
From the slippery muddy road
From the village lane which touched the scaffold
Form the lamented crying note

Date on 1st Sep,1947 I've learned O Bangla first
The Pakistan did not want
To give the right over through your land
To speak on your own language at any hunt

I've learned O Bangla first by Abul Kasem
Whose constant endeavor offered us
‘Tamuddan Majlis' to be associated
Aim to Bengali Language should keep in every touch

Date on 15th Sep,1947 I've learned the Language
The State Language of Pakistan: Bangla or Urdu?
Rational writing was by Abul Kasem
To live on Bangla only by keeping its full value

In that writing Abul Kasem declared clearly
‘Bangla should be language of court, office, education
And stay beside the central language in constituent'
Sate Language movement started by this declaration

On that date came to us Kazi Motahar
With ‘State language & East Pakistan's Language problem'
Another heart of wisdom was Abul Mansur Ahmad
Came with ‘Bangla Language is our State Language' name

More on date I am learned at Nupur Villa
Near of Dhaka College Hostel organized by Shahidullah
Voice of equality rank of the language in constituent
‘The Bangla and Urdu are state language' of Pakistan villa

Date on 1st Oct 1947 I am learned from the council
"Rastra Vasa Songram Porishad" intelligent organized it
The convener was Nurul Haq from DU
For mother tongue came to the opened street

Date on 6th Dec 1947, known to Student Assembly
Under the wood apple tree of DU I've met them first
They came for the demand of state language
As if young stars for mother tongue must quenched the thirst

In that student assembly Presided Abul Kasem
Addressed there in heart touching speech
In oratory we found Munir Chy, Farid, Ahsan
More were Rahman, Kalyan, and Ahmad in struggling peace

Date on 23th Feb 1948 I've learned proposal of Dhirandranath
A proposal leaded us to use in The Pakistan Constituent
Beside Urdu and English the Bangla should be used he proposed
But opposing of Muslim League this proposal had been annulment

Date on 2nd mar 1948 I've learned in Fazlul Haq Hall of DU
By joint council of Tamuddan Majlis and EP Muslim Student League
Established- Sorbodoliyo Rastra Bhasa Songram Porishad
Presided Kamruddin there, convener was Alam as strong gift

Date on 2nd Mar 1948, I walked on the agreement
Between Rastra Bhasa Songram Porishad and Nazimuddin
On 8 sections we're agreed and signed
But Chief Minister of East Pakistan avoided these as feign

No way; yet we ran to fetch our the right of mother tongue
But on 21st Mar 1948 Jinnah addressed in Rescourse field
‘State language of Pakistan is going to be Urdu and no other language'
Vainly failed we're in this regard to grip shrewd reel

None we're the intimidation reached in Curzon Hall
Where there the first student convention on 24th Mar 1948 was arranged
But Jinnah said again- ‘Urdu and only Urdu shall be the state language of Pakistan'
Heard on this fired blood and retreated on silent hazed

The heart of language had no patient indomitably came
Came on 14th Nov 1948 by name of ‘Shaptahik Sainik'
The first attempt was to write on the right of language
Gafur after Shahed spread this courageous right to the native

Walked we together in field, footpath, lane of town
In Varsity heart with the hand of valorous Matin
on 11th Mar 1950 he was convener for another attempt
As- ‘Bishya Bidyaloi Rastra Vasa Songram Porishad' by all means

Time was the beginner, the great factor of our demand
On 30th Jan 1952 came to us, touched the fired heart
The valiant Vasani President of Awami Muslim League
Organised a meeting in library of Dhaka Bar to chart

The Sorbo Doliyo Kendiyo Rastra Vasa Songram Porishad
On that time came to us by the hand of Kazi Mahbub
For taking decision to arrange hartal, Sova, Bikhkhub Michil
On 21st Feb 1952 all were determined on one root

From that onward the Krishnachura Tree swayed
By stooping head In the sound of swirling wind
It was in the morning on 20th Feb 1952 of Bangla
‘Section 144' issued on behalf of the Pakistani to ruin

The announcement came to stay as dumb, deaf, blind being
To survive as the being of disable, as the animal of cage
To stay away from meeting, procession, seminar
To live in closed door in Dhaka, so that none can look face

By hearing the announcement all were in boiling
In anger, in bitter smell of anger in blood- in blood clot
Furious rage in heart, oscillated blood was flowing in friend veins
As if they would devastated in the wink of slot

In that twilight of the evening at Nawabpur AML office
The Bengali were worried by anesthetized love
And met as Sorbodoliyo Kendriyo Rastra Vasa Songram Porishad
Meeting was for next day activities although in tough

In that meeting chaired senior leader Abul Hashim
All were in deep silence to cast vote
Voting was- ‘Section 144 will break or not break'
To break that section vote came in favor a lot

For the spinning of time, became morning on 21st Feb 1952
Morning sun awoke; none met the ninth shining of Phagun
None met the loving red of Krishnachura flower
None heard the melody of cuckoo in adieu of winter's moan

From last evening to the dawn on 21st Feb 1952
The conscience of lover was bitten to break that section
In the sleepless eyes dream played to be practical
For the freedom of mother tongue all were in prepared tension

Forgetting the daily consumption lover gathered at meeting
At 11am; at Amtali of DU all student came as unity
At proposal of Mukul, chaired Gaziul Haq in that meeting
To success the language movement all were in active duty

But Vice Chancellor of DU with few teachers came
At request that- ‘Section 144 no need to break'
However students were firmed and steadfast in royal oath
There Matin and Gaziul were as leader power of student

The meeting was going on for hours with fired veins
Slowly after the slogan rose roundly like sparkling of fire
"Section 144 has to be broken; want the Language of State as Bangla"
The slogan was resounding and marching as around layer

The procession was running to break section 144 for solemn oath
Habibur Rahman Shelly was the brave heart soldier of front line
Innumerable student were came to this procession as soul power
Fearless lover walked on clash and collision, blood ran out as rain sign

Blood thirsty team was not happy, shot firing arbitrary
Bayonet smelled the blood, danced madly on royal path of Dhaka
Reddened everywhere for the blood of language lover
As if fountain of blood was flowing on the breast of Buriganga

Fractured all around, as if dead body in frostbite
Shoes and sandals were stained with scattered blood
White shirts and sharees were soaked in blood of movement
The sun of struggle was going as departure flood

In dusk of the royal lap of Dhaka, we found steady body
Salam, Rafiq, Jabber, Barkat's innocent fresh corpse
Heroic sons of Bangla mother were laid in motionless nature
As if moonless night mournful rain moaned in every drop

Time of shock spent one day; sleepless the vale of tears
On 23rd Feb 1952 first Martyred monument was founded
In the yard of DAMEC, designer was Badrul for remembering
The Language Martyred, which Moulovi Mahbub inaugurated

The day was shining but in shocking much
Night was aggressively haunted by ghostly Police
The apparition of Pakistan broke the Tombstone
Killing, razing and blood were only their jolly dish!

We lost but the feign didn't leave us in our right
On 15th Mar 1952 came investigation committee by Justice Elis
To investigate what happened on 21st Feb to help the biased mate
But The Sorbo Doliyo Rastra Vasa Porishad avoided these

Times are spinning, spin and came to us to celebrate
On 21st Feb 1953 as the first Martyred Day
Student of Curzon Hall and DAMEC hostel came to the Martyr Tombstone
With bouquets of flower in shining ray

They came with garland, single rose, with tears
Sorrow with stick in palette of color, color of spring
For the language Martyr they came through black and white heart
For awakening the sense came with songs of 21st day by chanting

With blood stain we came to Pakistan Constituent
On 12th Aug 1955; avoided all browbeating
Mawlana Rashid addressed on Bengali language
In Constituent; hater of Bengal stopped to record by jesting

But orating kept a best pace to cast their sense
Then Mr. Speaker of Pakistan became obedient
At last requested to constituent to record
That was first Bengali speech in Pakistan tent

Step by step time drew the footstep of Bangla Academy
On 3rd Dec 1955 inaugurated that as result of Language Movement
In front of Bardhaman House the ceremony was arranged
Abu Hosen and Ashraf orated there as Bengal friend

Govt. of Pre Bengal ordained on 26th Dec 1955 for Bangla Academy
Through preparatory committee Barkatullah was employed as CEO
For the welfare of time took responsibility Enamul Haq
From 1st Dec 1955 he was first director as venerable statue

Struggle was running for years, deaths and remembrance
Were rounding, on 21st Feb 1956 founded second Tombstone
By Abu Hosen Sarkar to remember the Martyr
There were also Vasani and Hasina Begum as memory hone

For remembering 21st Feb 1952 as the Language Day
For remembering 21st Feb 1952 as the Language Martyred Day
On that day the Govt. of Pre Bengal declared
As Govt. Holiday which was for all as hearted pray

Time came with happiness for Bengali demand
On 29th Feb 1956 Pakistan Constituent acknowledged
"Bengali Language is Constitutional State Language of Pakistan"
This was result after bill passing on 1st May 1954 as traced

The Constitution of Islamic Republic Of Pakistan
Granted the Bangla as the State Language. In 214 (1) article
Said- "The State Language of Pakistan Shall be Urdu & Bangla"
From 21st Mar 1956 this constitution would be effective over all

The blood was true, true lover for the mother tongue
By annihilating in loving path brought eternal right
The blood was true so that success came at last
For every nation mother tongue is mighty light

We're dyed in the color of spring, on the river stream
With flying of Heron, with brightness of silk cotton tree
With dance of peacock, with freedom of royal tiger
With somber roaring of lion, with deer in running free

We're dyed in poem, songs, rhyme, and music rhythm
In mystical folks, in practical religion with no fanatical region
We're dyed in speaking, reading, writing, in all over life
No hue without mother tongue which is never washes off crimson

At the farewell of spring, upcoming of Boishakh
We're pleased; thankful to the GOD
Who gifted us the language where we find
Our colorful features as the nation's cord


1. Abul Kasem- Professor Abul Kashem, Department of Physics, Dhaka University & Founder of Tamuddan Majlish, a cultural Organization.
2. Kazi Motahar- Dr. Kazi Motahar Hosen
3. Shahidullah- Dr. Mohammad Shahidullah
4. Rastra Vasa Songram Porishad- The Council of State Language Movement
5. Nurul Haq- Professor Dr. ASM Nurul Haq Bhuiyan, Department of Chemistry, Dhaka University
6. DU- Dhaka University
7. Munir Chy- Professor Munir Chowdhury
8. Farid- Farid Ahmad, Vice President, Dhaka University Central Students Union
9. Ahsan- Professor AKM Ahsan
10. Rahman, Kalyan, Ahamd - Abdur Rahman, Kalyan Das Gupta, S. Ahman were the leader of Students
11. Dhirandranath - Dhirandranath Datya, Member of the constituent of Pakistan on behalf of East Pakistan
12. Sarbodoliyo Rastra Vasa Songram Porishad- The Council of All Team State Language Movement
13. Kamruddin, Alam- Kamruddin Ahmad, Shamsul Alam
14. Nazimuddin- Khawja Nazimuddin, Chief Minister of Pre Bengal
15. Jinnah- Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Governor General Of Pakistan
16. Gafur, Shahed- Shahed Ali, Abdul Gafur were consecutive chief editor of the weekly Soinik which published by Professor Abul Kasem
17. Bishya Bidyaloi Rastra Vasa Songram Poroshad- The Council of University State Language Movement
18. Matin- Abdul Matin, The Soldier for Mother Tongue
19. Vasani- Moulana Abdul Hamid Khan Vasani, The Chairperson of Awami Muslim League
20. Kazi Mahbub- Kazi Golam Mahbub, Gaziul-Gaziul Haq, Habibur Rahman Shelly were the Soldier for Mother Tongue
21. Salam, Rafiq, Jabber, Barkat were the Language Martyred
22. DAMEC- Dhaka Medical College
23. Mukul- MR Akter Mukul
24. Badiul - Badiul Alam, first designer of Martyred Tombstone which was broken by Pakistani Police on 23 Feb 1953
25. Moulovi Mahbub- Moulovi Mahbubur Rahman, father of martyred Shafi
26. Justice Elis- Justice T.H. Elis, Justice of Dhaka High Court
27. Moulana Rashid- Moulana Abdur Rahasid Tarakabagish
28. Abu Hose- Abu Hosen Sarkar, Chief Minister of Pre Bengal
29. Ashraf- Ashraf Uddin Ahmad Chowdhury, Educational Minister, Pre Bengal
30. Barkatullah- Mohammad Barkatullah, first CEO of Bangla Academy
31. Enamul Haq- Dr. Enamul Haq, first directonr of Bangla Academy
32. Hasina Begum was the mother of language martyred Barkat

For Mother Tongue
Sunday, March 18, 2018
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এসব লিখে কি কখনো কবি হতে পারবে? বৃথা চেষ্টা! ! !

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লিখে যাও তুমি হে ধ্যানী - ধ্যান না হতে পারে এতে হয়তো কোন একদিন সত্যিই হবে!

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যত্তসব ন্যাকামি! - বাঙ্লা ভালো পারেন না আর ইংরেজিতে লিখার চেষ্টা করেন! ! ! ! ! !

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Robert Murray Smith 25 April 2018

An informative and well written poem.++10

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Muzahidul Reza 13 May 2018

Mother Mother land And mother tongue Equally need for a nation Without any of these Nation has no existence .......... ........................... History reminds us the great language movement in 1952 For that movement and the sacrifice of our heroic sons today we receive International Mother Language Day ..................... great done thanks for sharing, +++++++++++ 10

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Sultan Deen 29 March 2021

Fantastic historic poem on mother tongue movement - nice

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Good practice writing on history as patriot

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Dr Dillip K Swain 24 July 2018

We're dyed in poem, songs, rhyme, and music rhythm In mystical folks, in practical religion with no fanatical region....My pleasure revisiting this beautiful piece of work!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 16 July 2018

An informative and well composed poem that says about the mother tongue and mother land. Outstanding. Thanks for sharing.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 29 May 2018

Wonderful piece of work! A little longer but you have unfolded everything there articulating the greatness of your mother land and mother tongue! GREAT....10

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