** Forgiveness ** Poem by ANJALI SINHA

** Forgiveness **

Rating: 3.9

Looking back,
so much trouble in our lives
And wonder why
this for me is ‘hives’
Why is there pain
This hate insane
cos we are alone
We hate others
in the crowd forlon?

And then, I remember
What my peers said
Look up to the lord
Look up the saviour
For one must die first
To live again

So much anger,
so much strife
Then our minds
are closed rife
Words don’t dare
to come forth
And if words do come
They’d be hate
and venom pourth

The answer to this,
may seem far away
Nay, its close to you,
I say
Just be cool
Pray the lord and repent
Theres forgiveness
And its in forgiving
that one does live again.

Forgiveness is a way of life,
friendship, peace and harmony
when we forgive
you stop feeling resentful
there is no more indignation,
or anger against another
for a perceived offence,
difference or mistake,
theres no clamor for punishment

Anger begets more anger
Forgiveness and love
Begets more forgiveness and love
Its good for both
The forgiver and the forgiven

The BIBLE - christianity says “Lord forgive them
for they know not what they do”
In KORAN – Islam, Allah is said to be the most forgiving
The BHAGWAD GEETA - Hinduism says
Equal to friend and enemy,
equal to honour and insult,
pleasure and pain,
praise and blame…that man is dear to me (Chapter12, verse18-19) .”
And in DHAMAPADA -Buddism
The law of Karma we notice
That it is not a way of taking revenge
But practicing Karuna
To avoid resentment and thus forgiveness.



I always admire poets like you who recognize the oneness of God regardless of their religious beliefs. Your poem is written with great insight and wisdom and I commend you for pointing out the importance of forgiveness. 10 love Karin

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Meggie Gultiano 28 November 2009

this is a very inspiring piece written from your heart.Forgiveness will not be achieved if there is still pride that lives inside your heart, and bitterness instead of becoming a better person.I was humiliated before in this site, and it hurts because a fellow Filipino did it, . Nevertheless, I have forgiven him, and I want to forget him forever. thank you for this wonderful words of yours.. Take care, and know that I love you, my friend Hugs, Meggie

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Peter Strugnell 28 November 2009

wise words beautifully put, yes to be truly at peace you have to forgive others and forgive yourself, being angry for a while is ok too!

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Ken E Hall 28 November 2009

Lovely thoughtful poem 'forgiveness, leaves a wonderful feeling inside the body when one forgives and a peace descends to soothe the mind and kindness to all living things hmmmmmmmmm if only...world take heed of this poem! +++10 And thanks too kind regards

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Ranjit Ravindran 29 November 2009

Nice one Anjali.... as the saying goes 'Forgive and forget, you will never regret.' I forgive but don't forget... For evolution is not confined to goodness alone. My suggestion is forgive but don't be convinced that it will slay all evil. We are undeniably living a materialistic life. Forgive & forget applies to the ideal, unmaterialistic life. I still strongly agree with you on that forgiveness part. Ranjit.

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Ryson Dsouza 06 February 2017

superb. well said with reference of religion & reality...

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Wonderful words to wash away the wounds of weary world! Excellently expressed my friend! 100/10

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Mark Nwagwu 06 December 2009

And then, I remember What my peers said Look up to the lord Look up the saviour For one must die first To live again Yes, Anjali, we have to die to self, to be able to forgive - not to be too full of ourselves; die to our passions, die to our selfish cravings, and learn to be more giving. Great! ! 10 from me, mark

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 02 December 2009

It's not always so easy to forgive, not always easy to forget! but all must in the end, if we want to become that beautiful soul... Andy 10

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Ravi Sathasivam 01 December 2009

As usual another beautiful poem from you. Great thoughts and well penned. Enjoyed reading it Thanks 10+

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