¥ Freedom ¥

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The word that ignited my incombustile mind,
I raised then the marasmus jowl upward
And opened my sutured mouth.
Eyes were cascading the caged fervour
For freedom like pearls in a nacre.
Once slavery emasculated all my passion
For the vision of a feudalist.
He soured all my vigour, instituted in destitution;
Desecrated and eviscerated my abilities
And stabbed on my cranium,
With the tapering embers of his hate.
Like a mimosa I was trembled by the melliepede legs
Of myriad blood sucking vampires,
Under their powerful calcaneum my entire calibre was treaded.
Like a lunatic they enchained me in the fortress of slavery
To thirst the bitter juice of affliction,
No one had come there to apply an emollient consolation.
Their words like arrows draped my marrow
To drown me in the moat of slavery.
No one found my sorrow and weeping eyes
My dreams crumbled in my mirror of soul
In that anarchial isle of slavery,
The wheels of my life-cart mired entirely.
Hopes never came to the temple of thoughts
But there was a God in whom I had faith
And worshiped in the attic of my heart
One day he appeared for me:
''''''''''The God of Freedom '''''''''''''''
Then the eyes of the feudalist opened,
And he said a word that you are 'free',
Free from the domain of slavery
'''''''''The salvation from slavery'''''''''
Only a slave like me knows, the true meaning of ''Freedom''..
Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: freedom
Expiallidocious 20 December 2019
Your so good, but despite it all, you are so blessed with such talent! Your way ahead of most! Fabulous!
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Allemagne Roßmann 29 September 2012
one of the best writes to come across-well done
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Chanda Mwenechanya 01 November 2011
subtle insight and deep. What of beings slaves of freedom? Thanks for sharing keep on
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Harindhar Reddy 28 October 2011
By Jove! I appreciate the theme of the poem as slavery undid millions of live all across the globe. Now most of the souls are liberated yet now problems are terrorism and old problem of racism are soaring high. I marvel at these lines of the poem....... 'And one day He blessed me. The eyes of the feudalist mind opened, And ordered a word, a word, a word, that You have got ''Freedom''- '''''''''A salvation from slavery''''''''' Yes the poem started well with desperation and raised the tempo in the middle and ended in the at with solution and hope. A perfect masterpiece from The MAGICIAN OF WORDS Vipins... I will very soon you become one of top poets of 21 st century if keep writing like this... Perfect 10+++ is not enough to rate the poem. And a slave like me only knows, that, What is the meaning of ''Freedom''.. '
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Marlene Rashidi 23 October 2011
I loved it(: True meaning of Freedom
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Ken E Hall 15 October 2011
Freedom for which a lot of souls do not have to this day.. from a portrayer is nice to read. freedom a divine right well written...regards
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Kamel kamel 06 October 2011
I like this poem you used a strong words you're talented I encourage you to continue
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Yep! Language Language Language. The Meaning Of Freedom Lives From Within......Bravo!
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zzzz zzz 26 September 2011
when i read your poem i feel for i everything understand your feelings... congrats great poem :)
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Louis Cecile 24 September 2011
Excellent descriptive language and pacing for a touching subject. Well captured with a thought provoking ending.
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