Freedom/Never Take It 4 Granted Poem by krissi b'williams

Freedom/Never Take It 4 Granted

Rating: 5.0

A word, stating the way of one's life
a word we all just take for granted
until we are controlled, contained within bars and chains
our bodies trapped, our minds are on the brink of the insane
forcing to live in complete distitution...heartache and strife
bodies still breathing, but it inhales no life
there are nolonger any promises, no clear solutions
for these alleged crimes....weve sinned throughout time
we must pay this disgraceful restution
a finaly of dispecable retribution......

it is not only 'we' who must endure this time, our family as well
our parents, our sisters, and our brothers, also our beloved kids
to swallow in the sinister, echo's of the alleged crimes we did
enduring the life we lead in our own hell
strangers embracing one and another...with tears, and a kiss
screaming our own thoughts, what we ever do to deservr this
as they stand by and watch helplessly, as we slither and deterioate away
into nothing at each passing day
broken pebbles in thier kness, from kneeling so long and hard as they pray

as we do this time, even punishment for innocent crimes
suffering in silence, in a inferno of hell
cement walls, drowning out the tears, defeaning the screams, the yells
freedom a word so often taken 4 granted, a word placed in the back of our minds
until we are imprisoned and sentenced, to indefinite time
no not just in jail, in all situations we must overcome, we must prevail
but those who have been kidnapped, longing to be returned
into the open arms of family, who have been in a place of mourn
or to the soldiers who are. now prisioners of war
does thier crimes fit the punishments, do they really need these scars
truly our punishments have really went to far.......
for they have become half the women and men they were once before

Olympia Melone 11 December 2009

if youve ever been incarcerated or a pow, or taken hostage, or in a abusive relationship this is an excellent poem to reach out to your readers

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Allan Macli Borges 26 September 2009

i'm just amazed. it's really a profound reflection on our condition. well penned and full of meaning for me.10.

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Eyan Desir 17 September 2009

Good write.... Life is ugly 10ss

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