Friendshipless Poem by Crystal Pierce


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I couldn't help myself.
I couldn't stand the thought.
I didn't want to be by myself.
We shouldn't have fought.
You got mad, I don't know why.
I thought everything was fine.
But to you this mistake didn't seem to fly.
I didn't know that I crossed a line.
Everything could've been cool.
I thought it was.
But you were mad when I got to school.
I thought you were mad just because.
But because what was my question.
I didn't want it to be mentioned.

Thursday, May 11, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: sadness
Unnikrishnan E S 20 April 2018

Hi Chryssie, Lovely.

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Bri Edwards 13 May 2017

I read the comments. I love the title. now to read the poem. yes, less friendship is EASY to acquire. it will take patience and 'work' [by one or both] to get it back perhaps. but if it does not return, turn elsewhere and try to not be vindictive against a former friend or kick yourself TOO MUCH if you were to blame or even think you were. probably both were, in some way. now, PROOFRead, DAMN IT! I MEAN you, not ME! ! ! I couldn't have help myself. you REALLY want have help? ? ? how about: i couldn't help myself OR i couldn't have helped myself, depending on what you mean here. and I couldn't stand stand the hiccups? stuttering? or am i out of touch with how 'kids' speak/write these days? ? OTHERWISE, i really like the poem! to MyPoemList. you can 'shoot yourself' in the foot by not proofreading enough. i think you KNOW the correct way to form all the sentences. it is not your spelling which is poor, though you may make some silly mistakes; i do that also sometimes! ! ! believe it, or NOT! :) bri polish the poem and send it back to me and i'll try to remember to put it into June's showcase, which i might devote to female poets. then maybe male poets only in July, .............if i'm not dead or disabled! hee-hee.

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Crystal Pierce 15 May 2017

I fixed the mistakes.

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Rajnish Manga 11 May 2017

We shouldn't have fought. You got mad, I don't know why. You can keep a tab on your behaviour but how can you control others. They have a different mindset. So, certain things should be taken for granted in inter-personal relationships. Thank you, Crystal.

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