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I am a 37 year old American of African descent, having been born and raised as Ward of the State in Baltimore, Maryland. I have been writing since I was 11 years old. Initially, I started writing as a way to escaped the physical, mental and emotional abuse that I'd come to know so very well from the age of 6. I write because I know I can help those who are where I have been and it is my strong desire to give them the support and assistance that I never received. Life is so very short and one should not have to endure its hardships alone.

I write about reality in all of its bittersweet phases. I am a loving and devoted husband and father of three. My one hope and desire, my one dream is to become a published author, as many have read my pens and asked the now timeless question, 'Why aren't you published'.

I was recently married on July 12,2008 and it has truly been BLISS for me ever since. God has smile upon me and I feel His rich blessings taking hold in my life. I never want to return to the days when I did not earnestly seek to serve him. Praise and Glory be to Jehovah!
'May the undeserved kindness of our lord and savior Jesus Christ be with you' always

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Stacey Watts 23 September 2008

What can I say here other than Nate is a fabulous poet? His clear words and thoughts draws the readers into whatever he is telling. His poems draws emotions from the reader. I have been in tears, taken on walks of thought provoking words. Very Brilliant writer indeed.

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Nathaniel Booker Popularity

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