From This Side Of Truth Poem by Colin Ian Jeffery

From This Side Of Truth

Rating: 4.8

From this side of truth
Lies fall twisted at the gate
Sweet cradle songs
Wayward mothers sang to soothe
Now blistered upon their tongues.

Four square and high
All sides come tumbling down
Truth is but a broken ship
Floundering upon some distant shore.

Friday, February 29, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: life,truth
Gillian.E. Shaw 11 July 2008

A poem of disillusion. Interesting imagery and clarity in this verse; I enjoyed this.

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Callie Carroll 10 July 2008

Excellent poem. The 'blistering cradle songs by wayward mothers' stung me. Great to the end, but, for me, the first stanza is perfection.

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Mike Hester 28 June 2008

Well done Colin. You draw interest with a great title (the envy of any poet) and it just keeps getting better. I see an acknowlegement that truth is multi-faceted (perhaps in the eye of the truthful beholder?) However, it seems that an awful liberty was taken that knocked even the concept of truth off the rails. A lot said in few words - my kind of poem. This shows that often truth isn't in events themselves, but in how they are perceived or the effects they have.

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Chitra - 04 October 2008

a deep grounded concept composed here laying out the truth about the truth bare

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Yes, Colin, it seems that 'Truth is the broken ship, floundering upon a distant rocky shore'. Until a poet can save it, by means of his/hers verses (acting as safety boat) . I gave you 10..once more

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Shelly Price 20 August 2008

Thank you Colin for the invitation to read some of your work. I like this piece very had great flow with beautifuly described imagery. The truth, they say can set you free, but only if spoken from the right side...a floundering ship at sea sounds to me as if the wrong truth was told. I think you are a talented writer, proof are in your words written here. BRAVO

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Prasetya Utama 25 July 2008

nice poem, deep of life filosophy.

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Ron Flowers 12 July 2008

A very good poem, a 10 for sure.

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