Garland Of Words Poem by shakil ahmed

Garland Of Words

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Garland of Words

I am weaving garland
With some picked up words
To adorn the hearts of
A few generous people.
Some don’t tolerate it
Because of their narrow minds.
Some are too busy to have a look at it
Some through mud at it
Out of sheer jealousy.
Some even say its an imitation
Very cunningly devised art.
Even then,
Some find it worthy of attention.

I will continue weaving garlands
Only for those chosen people
Till death shakes with me.
I hope a time will come
When my faults will be pardoned
My torn garlands would be found
In many people’s neck,
And my efforts will be well paid
Whatever I have lost, I will get it back.

I look at my friends
And ask those friends of mine
Whatever you have done
Will be yours, after sometime.

I am in the midst of crowd
Even then loneliness grips me
And in such time I lean
On words, one of my best friends,
And weave a garland out of it
That gives me everlasting delight and profit.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015
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Bharath Krishna 21 October 2015

My torn garlands would be found In many people’s neck! Well penned that:-)

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Kelly Kurt 21 October 2015

A wonderful and inspirational poem, Shakil. Thanks

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Hazel Durham 01 November 2015

Brilliant write, as words are like special friends to understand and enjoy this world with the gift of expressing all that is dear to you!

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Agatha Eliza 30 October 2015

Garlands of words...Oh, such a beautiful poem about words! How the poet, the artisan, crafts words into shapes, gives a meaning, infuses with feelings, eventually turns them into poetry, and offers to the readers one of the most wonderful form of art.10 +++

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Paul Warren 24 October 2015

We all stand for what and who we are with some people wanting to tear us down. I like this poem and find you are a good speaking from the heart.

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Roseann Shawiak 24 October 2015

Awesome, you weave such beautiful and honest garlands of words in your poetry. Truly amazing poet you are! Totally love your honest and truthful approach to life through your poetry! Never stop writing about the world around you, because your messages within them are being carried throughout the world. Thank you for sharing your heart and soul! RoseAnn

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Sanjukta Nag 22 October 2015

Keep weaving garland of words. They are worth wearing (reading) .

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shakil ahmed

shakil ahmed

Badarpur, Assam, India.
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