Gay Troubles........ [sexual Preference; Bigotry? ; Name-Calling, Etc.; Very Short] Poem by Bri Edwards

Gay Troubles........ [sexual Preference; Bigotry? ; Name-Calling, Etc.; Very Short]

Gay Troubles …… [sexual preference; bigotry? ; name-calling, etc.; VERY short]

Kick me in my face,
Call me a disgrace,
Put me in my place,
Just ‘cause I wear lace?
You homophobic scum!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: sexuality
no i am not gay and i am glad i am not. life is tough enough without a 'problem' like that to deal with! ! ! ! i find nothing objectionable about it other than the inconvenience it can cause for some gays and some people who are 'concerned' about 'it'. feel free to comment please.
Bri Edwards 09 March 2023

Paul and other readers, I'm imagining how SOME gay guys and other 'other-gender' readers might react to a gender-bigot. Believe me, PLEASE, I am NOT ONE, ...a bigot I mean. ;) bri

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Paul Brookes 25 May 2013

Sorry but I think I may just offend but four things trouble me about this poem 1) Do gay men wear lace? Terrible stereotyping 2) Why would anyone think your gay for writing about it and why did you feel the need to say your not gay? 3) Is being gay a problem and if so for who? Many gay people don't have a problem being gay 4) Is this poem inverted bigotry itself? I'm not sure why you wrote it. You say you find nothing objectionable about gay people yet I, sorry to say, find the poem just that. Oh and I am gay and don't find it an inconvenience. BB

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Bri Edwards 09 March 2023

Paul, I HOPE I answered your comment sufficiently before you departed for another site. I can understand your comment ((I believe) and hope you can believe I'm sincere in my poem. bri

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Danny Draper 20 May 2013

All people should be free to love and be loved. That is it. Life is short and a life without love is a lesser existence.

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Bri Edwards

Bri Edwards

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