God Poem by Mohammad Muzzammil


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Praise to Thee, O Creator of universe!
Thou the Master of both worlds,
Thou bestowed us tongue to converse,
But, to count Thy blessings I'm short by words.

Mohammad Akmal Nazir 16 November 2010

Yes, we can't count or write His blessings even if we convert all the oceans and seas into ink and all the plantations and trees into pens. Spiritual poem written with great devotion.

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Jenny Gordon 20 November 2010

Great! And you make your point excellently by only making it a quatrain! (Your teacher's comment reminds me of a verse in the song 'The Love of God'......'Could we with ink the oceans fill/Or were the skies of parchment made/Were every stalk on earth a quill/Or every man a scribe by trade/To write the love of God above/Would drain the oceans dry/Nor could the scroll/Contain the whole/Though stretched from sky to sky! ') And to further make your point.....I think ONLY the Word of God best praises Him!

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Seema Chowdhury 21 November 2010

thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful poem. lovely and true. this is my favourite topic too.

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maka (kat) albarn 13 July 2011

i really like it, its a beautiful poem but could you of written a little bit more to it? srry just asking but you do write beautiful poems. thanks for sharing and i rate it 9 of 10

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Santosh Sharma 29 June 2011

A beautiful poem reminds me the Kabir's Dohas, Sat samand ki masi karo, lakhani sab banrai, Dharti sab kagd dharo hari Gon Likha Noa Zai. Words will always be short to describe the God's creation.

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Esta Linda La Sea 27 March 2011

a very nice poem!)

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Malaya Roses 06 January 2011

Be a human with compassion and benevolence must be affirmative. To thanks God, we have know how to say thank you in many ways. Words no longer important if we act as a grateful and thankful man for bless and bliss. Thanks for nice expression.

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kunjubi Varghese 28 November 2010

Allah be praised.. Al hamdul Allah!

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