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God Bless This Bread

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“God bless this bread
And God preserve
The breadwinner”, I murmur
Making the sign
Of the cross in the dough
Though I don’t believe
Any more in a personal god.

Yet still I say this prayer—
Say, twice a week

When I bake bread
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Mary Nagy 26 August 2005

I really have no 'fond memories' of parents or grandparents so I find this type of poem so....comforting. I am always drawn to elderly people in my life...not personally, but even in the stores, I'll ask for advice on recipes or just try to chat...I really want memories like this. I am very envious Peter. Such a beautiful picture you paint. Hope you don't mind if I 'share' your memories. :) Sincerely, Mary

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Raynette Eitel 18 August 2005

Two things from a Christian background...the bread of life and prayer, both comforting and carried down through the generations. This is a first rate poem. Thanks. Raynette

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Uriah Hamilton 18 August 2005

I think this is a beautiful poem, I also struggle with the idea of personal God but find praying quite helpful.

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Michael Shepherd 18 August 2005

...and God bless the poets who serve up memories fresh-baked.

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