God Laughing Madly Poem by Thomas Viruvelil

God Laughing Madly

Today Christmas day
will be remembered by me till I die
From Panampilly Nagar bus stop to just before reaching
MDB site
I talked on phone with the one and only love of my life-
I may not be able to hear your melodious lovely voice
in a phone call continously talking about sweet nothings
But an unwanted man like me
unloved man like me
cannot hope for
something so wonderful like this.
Inspite of not feeling even an iota of love for this
God and devil forsaken
garbage of life called vht
you simply suffered the annoying call for such a long time.
you are extremely patient.
My words cannot express thank you
as my mind feels.
All that sweet memories I got from you
in this short period of not more than 60 days
is a big treasure of most romantic memories of this begger of love.
After all God is not that bad
He sent one of his most beautiful angels to me-
without even telling you
why he sent you to me.
You came to me
looked at me and told Him
'Eeeeaah, what nonsense are you doing?
Why did you send me to this dirty man? '
God started laughing seeing your irritation.
He is still laughing without telling even a word in reply to you.
I stand between you and God
looking like a fool
not knowing what to say.
As you do not get any answer from Him
You ask me
'Why did I land up with you
dirty fellow? '
I know His intentions
But I cannot tell anything.
I count the treasures I got from you
and do not worry
whether I will get more treasures from you
What I got itself are unimaginably
great in my begger's torn bag.
Passing persons may hold on my neck and ask
'What right you have got to talk to this
Angel of God?
You are only a dirty animal'
I look at your face and I hear you telling
nodding your head:
'Yes.He has no right to talk to me.
Look at him
He is so dirty.
He does not even have the right to
look at me
and the devil keep looking at my face
again and again'
Hearing this God laugh again
this time more madly.

Brian Jani 05 May 2014

I laughed when I read this poems title

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Thomas Viruvelil

Thomas Viruvelil

Cochin, Kerala state, India
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