God! Let A Tear Of Mine Drift In Rains Poem by Naseer Ahmed Nasir

God! Let A Tear Of Mine Drift In Rains

God! Turn my words into glow-worms
God! Make my uttering into butterflies
God! Change my footsteps into pathway
God! Turn me into the aroma of flowers
And let me penetrate into the breeze
God! Smile like jasmine
God! Make my eyes the poems
God! Change my poems into floating flocks of birds
Voyaging towards far-off lands

God! Tears of a mother are very valuable
Keep them safe in the locker of pain
God! The picture of mine placed on the mental
Is about to die
Ornate it in the hearts of my children
God! A girl is going to reside in someones heart
God! Let her heart be the abode of someone as well
God! The bodies of women are turning into heaps of dust
God! Let the crops of wheat harvest on their breasts

God! A tear from the foreordain of childhood
Emerged from a block of pain
Rested in the pair of my eyes
God! Let it drift in rains now
God! Let a Tear of mine drift in rains
God! Utter a cry and make me cry as well!

(English translation by Annie Ali)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: god,mother,poems,prayer
Juliet Languedoc 20 July 2020

God is able - thanks for sharing deep interpretation.

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