God, Make My Single Tear Flow Alongwith The Rain Poem by Naseer Ahmed Nasir

God, Make My Single Tear Flow Alongwith The Rain

Rating: 4.9

God, make my words a firefly
God, make my conversation a butterfly
God, make my footsteps a path
God, make me fragrance of flowers
And blow me in the air.
God, smile like jasmine
God, make my eyes poems
God, make my poems a flock of birds
Flying to far away lands!

God, mother's tears are priceless
Preserve them in misery's locker
God, my portrait lying on the mantelpiece
Of time is dying
Decorate it in my children's hearts
God, a girl has made a place in somebody's heart
Let him too live in her heart
God, women's bodies are becoming barren
Like heaps of sand
God, let them be fertile like harvests of wheat!

God, a tear from somewhere in my childhood
Is floating in both my eyes
God, make it flow now along with the rain
God, make my single tear flow along with the rain
God, cry and make me cry!

Kesav Easwaran 20 September 2009

'God, a tear from somewhere in my childhood Is floating in both my eyes God, make it flow now along with the rain'... You rediscover your self and your identity with God in these lines Naseer...good composition...thanks...10

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Lillian Thomas 21 September 2009

what a beautiful poem! what a heartfelt prayer! Thank you for sharing with us. All we can say is Amen.

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Samah Elhawy 21 September 2009

thanks a lot for your words what amazing words that u have there god bless u

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Antonio Liao 22 September 2009

what a humble beginning....take a ride with a wisdom to cry...., so humble in transgression and wonderful in life giving....the core of the shadow of thanking the giver of everything....my hug greatness of respect to you my dear friend....you win my heart....i like the poem...God bless....a 10 +++++

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Anjali Sinha 22 September 2009

A single tear and that rainfall surely a lovely poem deserves a tenner anjali

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Patti Masterman 10 October 2009

Naseer, I truly love your beautiful prayer-poem. I have always thought prayers and poems should be wedded; they are both heart felt, whether asking for something or only praising..a beautiful effect you've accomplished here.

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John Knight 10 October 2009

Hi Naseer - This is a very interesting PRAYER POEM and in its structure and petitions teaches us much abour PRAYER. It is apposite in V 1 that you focus on yourself and ask your GOD to bless your Words - Path - Fragrance - Smile - Eyes - Poems. My Scriptures enourage me to have SELF- ESTEEM so my GOD would endorse V 1! V 2 is more general and focusses on 'The efficasy of Mother's Tears' 'Natural Love' and 'Female Fertility' these items are on all our Prayer Lists. V 3 is very specific - my GOD love it when I bring specifics to His Throne of Grace in prayer. We must learn to pray for footballs - dolls - pensioners - letters - wives and human communication. My scriptures speak of 'Tears and Prayer' and my GOD would - I know - share my appreciation of V 4. Excellent Poem I have scored it a MAX. Yours in poetry - JOHN.

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Jen Capaldi 26 September 2009

a divine poem indeed! Naseer, you have managed to mingle prayer and poetry in a singularly elegant way. a prayer poem that unselfishly pleades for the well being of others all over the world, to bring his bounty and blessings down upon the earth and a simple request to allow you to find and revel in a piece of yourself rediscovered deep within you. an immaculately written spiritual poetic piece that deserves 10's all around. Jen

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Gillena Cox 25 September 2009

a divine poem, the poet pleas the author of life

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Jester's P 23 September 2009

Dear Sir this poem is a prayer full of devotion to the God whom the author is reflected as a son, a loving child to his father/mother…it is as well like a song in harmony to nature and its melody- the honesty of being human, limited and weak yet loved as a masterpiece of the creation. Like it very much.

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