Gone To Stay Poem by Galina Italyanskaya

Gone To Stay

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You love bright colours the way
You're fond of this life on Earth
The happiest man you stay
Regardless of pain
You always shared your smile
Your dream of freedom and peace
And tried to reconcile
The planet torn into pieces
You struggled not for your sake
It's taken so much to stand
But honour and love could make
Your foe become your friend
And people will not forget
The shine of beloved eyes
For generous deeds beget
The legend that never dies


(Ukhta, December 12 2013)

Sunday, November 9, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: nelson mandela,tribute
To Nelson Mandela
Chinedu Dike 09 November 2014

A heartwarming tribute to The Legend That Never Dies - The Immortal Icon (Nelson Mandela) . I like the articulation and the insight of the poem. A lovely piece indeed. Thanks for sharing and remain blessed.

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Daniel Brick 05 December 2014

I have already commented on this poem in which you pay homage to that most worthy man, Nelson Mandela, whose life and achievements transcend any ordinary man's. B-U-T in re-reading your poem, I pretended it was about just that ordinary man who has cultivated the virtues of the decent life. These virtues are available to ANYONE and imagine what a fine father or husband or friend or colleague at work such a man would be. The light of his goodness would not shine as far or as brightly as Mandela's but those on whom it would fall would be blessed by his secular grace. I hope I can achieve in my life those opening two lines of your poem because they are truly characteristic of the HAPPIEST MAN.

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Robert Green 23 November 2014

Very well summed up in evocative words.

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Daniel Brick 19 November 2014

I was about to type - This poem celebrates a true hero who has no vanity, who seeks no treasure in return for his service, who has the generosity of spirit to see old enemies as potential friends. That had already gelled in my mind and then I saw your note TO NELSON MANDELA and my impression made perfect sense. This is a wonderful heartfelt praise of a true CITIZEN OF THE WHOLE WORLD. Nelson Mandela deserves Shakespeare's praise of a great man at the of JULIUS CAESAR - HIS LIFE WAS GENTLE, AND THE ELEMENTS/SO MIXED IN HIM THAT NATURE MIGHT STAND UP/AND SAY TO ALL THE WORLD 'THIS WAS A MAN.' When I read your first poem tonight I commented on the multiple meanings of proud. But with Nelson Mandela there was no ambiguity - He was the pride of the human race!

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 12 November 2014

Hello Galina. Interesting poem of tribute. I wonder, of whom are you writing? I found it a smooth and nice piece. Loyd

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Hazel Durham 11 November 2014

A beautiful tribute Galina to the great Nelson Mandela he had such dignity and courage with his smile that enraptured the world with his true goodness, to love is to live! Thanks for sharing and best wishes!

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