Sk. Nurul Huda

Sk. Nurul Huda
Debipur, Memari, Burdwan, West Bengal, India
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This is Sk.Nurul. He permanently lives in a village Punnyagram, under Memari Police station, Burdwan, West Bengal.. about 67 km West from Kolkata. He begins his writings from the early school life. from class seven he was a subscriber the monthly science magazine Kishor Gayan Bigyan' published from Kolkata by a reputable publisher.he used to take p ...

Sk. Nurul Huda Poems

Love Tree

I did not write you down in poetry
Least my readers discover you badly-
Pleading my poetic weakness;
I did not paint your face on canvas

Pre-Monsoon Children In My Village

Frequent raining on paddy seeds reports that the monsoon is coming,
And forces the green jamuns and yellow dates for ripening.
Behold for their own mellow fruits none waits for the birds' invitation
The dancing, prancing and divine little lambs run to the dropping destination.

Is It Poetry?

The art of twisting,
The art of concealing
The art of reversing
The art of throwing people


I was in a market on some day,
Suddenly I felt I am hungry such,
As if no problem was even on raw hay.


We were present anyhow on the fine place
(It was an International Forensic Team) ,
Mountains were sympathetic to us.
At the stony place it was an evil juxtaposition

Sk. Nurul Huda Quotes

30 May 2016

'Everyone writes poem early or late And everyone is written in a poem or poems.'

14 June 2016

History after all is the true poetry......G.M.Trevelyan

14 June 2016

gather deep diversity(in life) as you are alive.

09 July 2016

Love juniors for they have committed sins less than you/ Respect the seniors for they have made virtuous or pious deeds more than you.

24 March 2018

Poetry can be defined in arithmatic...Sk.Nurul Huda

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