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I did not write you down in poetry
Least my readers discover you badly-
Pleading my poetic weakness;
I did not paint your face on canvas

Frequent raining on paddy seeds reports that the monsoon is coming,
And forces the green jamuns and yellow dates for ripening.
Behold for their own mellow fruits none waits for the birds' invitation
The dancing, prancing and divine little lambs run to the dropping destination.

The art of twisting,
The art of concealing
The art of reversing
The art of throwing people

I was in a market on some day,
Suddenly I felt I am hungry such,
As if no problem was even on raw hay.

We were present anyhow on the fine place
(It was an International Forensic Team) ,
Mountains were sympathetic to us.
At the stony place it was an evil juxtaposition

The time is to view two leaves rather leaves;
To lie lively again in blissful leaves
So leave the life of living with line-less leaves and waves
……… says my Heart.

we are illiterate
we are the blind ones
we can not watch the essence of the
mighty power of our own mother

God is mysterious, God is powerful;
Nature is mysterious, it is powerful;
We can't define them, they exist.

A messaging missed call makes some measured lines
An undelivered call weaves the same as a call from thine;
Nodding both sides signaling ‘no' again brings the lighting letters
And also on one side summons only those ones better;

Will you take a poem?
Will you give a poem?
Are you ready to read a poem?
Will you recite a poem?

Hail the season of raining
A season of green gaining,
Gain your health, your mind
Be good, tender and also kind.

Almost out to breathe the bold boys were
The men were gasping after chasing there
Ours is a vain attempts to fetch, said they all
To the groups who ordered, Catch the Naked girl.

Thanks-many thanks.
For leaving me alone;
My heart gets rid of bondage,
A bondage in your magnetic circle.

….. Shantih shntihi.....hinHsaT….....…
Oh! April you are still the cruelest month for the year
For not reminding us of the religious pilgrimage,
As the Ramadan,

Yes. Yes. Yes I can. Yes we can.
Yes t is possible. Yes and yes …and yes.
No. No. Not possible. None. Never. We'll not.
Nothing. Nowhere. No and no…and no.

We are the Child
We are the human child
We are soft we are mild
We do not know to beguile


it is kite, it is kite flying in the sky
sowing sound shrill sound long and high
do you know what is it, looks like a huge kite?
in angry seems same to a Chinese change'e to fight.


yesterday I got an orange
casually I squeeze it
suddenly it splashes vapors to my nose
is it not Autumn? yes but its smell works

Sk. Nurul Huda Biography

This is Sk.Nurul. He permanently lives in a village Punnyagram, under Memari Police station, Burdwan, West Bengal.. about 67 km West from Kolkata. He begins his writings from the early school life. from class seven he was a subscriber the monthly science magazine Kishor Gayan Bigyan' published from Kolkata by a reputable publisher.he used to take part in quiz and science -oriented rhymes writings.he used to make many models guided by the magazine.besides listening radio was his passion and almost a hobby....dramas on radio was a favourite programme along with songs and news...the correspondence with foreign radio-channels..their programs in Bengali was also the happy days in school life e, g. Japan-radio NHK. BBC, Ahaban by Shrilanka etc.. but from H.S in science and then college and service all come in priority expelling the other sides...though it may seems mere excuse....He says. " I believe I am not a poet or a writer neither by birth nor naturally i.e.I am not so spontaneous...if I write something I know it is after(here I believe T.S. Eliot's..stitching and UN-stitching theory) a hard struggle from my experiences and a little understanding of men and of the world...but I have only a passion so I am very enthusiastic for the writings of my Ongoing poetry-book " SONGS OF 26 & SONGS OF 47" i have a specific goal.....I am not devoted to family and surroundings come first..." Now he is an assistant teacher in a high school(h.s) namely Hizole High School(H. S) 'under Kandi block in the district of Murshidabad, West Bengal. He is a journalist also.....writes columns...though he is freelance reporter he is deeply attached to two regional newspaper cum literary journals Rar Darpan and Murshidabad Bengali..... . Poems and literary, political, social essays, both in English and Bengali are frequently seen in some Bengali Magazines and dailies......)

The Best Poem Of Sk. Nurul Huda

Love Tree

I did not write you down in poetry
Least my readers discover you badly-
Pleading my poetic weakness;
I did not paint your face on canvas
Least my viewers devalue you-
Pleading my trembling retouch of the brush.

I wanted to make a narrow castle
Like a cocoon of a moth
And then a free fly to the Heaven.

So l plant you at the deepest Earth of my heart,
Where my lungs provide air and my blood,
As a postman, carries temperature and water.
My young-ling love sprouts to a big shade- tree
Like an umbrella over my head.

Your boughs are scattered over my full body,
My heart beats shake your hanging boughs,
And your quivering quivers my calm body
As if I play a spontaneous dance.

You are my ever green love tree
That prevents the pollution
At the very start my eyes start
To get polluted on others' sights.

R~sk nurul huda @ Songs of 26.

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Sk. Nurul Huda Quotes

'Everyone writes poem early or late And everyone is written in a poem or poems.'

History after all is the true poetry......G.M.Trevelyan

gather deep diversity(in life) as you are alive- Sk Nurul Huda.

Love juniors for they have committed sins less than you/ Respect the seniors for they have made virtuous or pious deeds more than you.

Poetry can be defined in arithmatic...Sk.Nurul Huda

Any poet or any creatieve writer is at least possesses a earnest or sincere heart to his or her work to execute or express.

Every Book Is a Good Book-sk Nurul Huda

An honest politician is a greater poet and more than a successful poet

You can compose a deep poem even if you can learn something light a phenomena but to write even a light essay you have to comprehend it in deep...Sk nurul huda.20.6.22

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Sk. Nurul Huda Popularity

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