He Will Not Forsake You (Full Version) Poem by Jun Insigne

He Will Not Forsake You (Full Version)

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If you only believe
To give all to Him,
Whatever trials come to you
And you know you cannot handle it,
You have a friend who is waiting for you

Seek Jesus and you will find Him
Knock and He will open to you.
All the trials, are easy
Because He is with you,
He will not forsake you, eternally.
Let Jesus live in your Heart

What you need is trust Him
He is your LORD who created you,
You were created through and by Him
He gave you the breath of life.
And everything in this world was made by God

He is the only way to the heavenly place
Ready to forgive all our sins,
In the darkest way we trod
The light that He provide is our guide.
His love for everyone is everlasting

You rejoice that we have a God
Great & loving, who redeems us from sin,
Who covers our hardship and sadness.
Therefore don't lose hope
A new dawn is waiting for you.

Francisco R. Albano 29 July 2008

Good. But edit and remove nasty grammatical errors. E.g. All the trials ARE easy. Let Jesus LIVE in your heart. etc.

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May Namoc 28 July 2008

a powerful peice, sets in the faith of god. good write!

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Sathyanarayana M V S 25 July 2008

The last stanza sums it up all. Well written. Faith is God! ! sathya narayana

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Maria Isabel Oropeza 23 July 2008

This poem is so true. Thank you for writing this. I needed it and I have favorited this poem. I expect to see more of your poetry in the future! Good luck! Elizabeth

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