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I Love You With All I Am

Rating: 4.8

My love for you has brought me out of me.
The beauty in your heart has set me free
For all my inaccuracy;
I looked into my heart and saw a treasure
worth more than anything I'd ever had, it is you…

You are the love of my life
that you will always be…,
each day I find happiness
such joy and laughter and the special times we share
just mean everything to me

My love, my precious love;
The spark that ignited the day we met
remains an eternal flame.
I love you with all I am
and all I'll ever be.

When our time has come
we will be together as one
Thank you for being the love of my life.
My other half, grow old along with me
And we will be in this world contentedly…

Egi David Perdana 26 July 2008

hey this is legend dude//

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Sathyanarayana M V S 25 July 2008

Well expressed romantic poem9 sathya narayana

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angelianne 1012 25 July 2008

very romantic..to be able to loved and be loved in return is one of the amazing thing in this world...thanks for sharing this kababayan...

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Michaela Tatualla 23 July 2008

' To be love is a blessing but to love someone with all your heart is a treasure.' Love as long as you can... tnx

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Anong All 20 July 2008

Thank you for sharing such lovely words.

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Crystal Marie 08 July 2010

this poem was really worth reading, its touching and shows a strong love for a person.. (my personal favorite)

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Sarwar Chowdhury 25 August 2008

..without love all is dead......a fine composition......10

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 13 August 2008

what a wonderful world we lived in.love is all around us. salamat po'

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Kesav Easwaran 11 August 2008

The poem gets an attractive opening in the first stanza...there you go 'out of your heart' to love your mate...an out of heart love...and what makes you to go out thus? Her beauty! Wonderful way of poem telling...And in later lines what replaces 'you' in your heart? The eternal flame of love...this poem is sweetly romantic... ten grade, Jun...

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May Namoc 28 July 2008

omigeee! i love this poem! thigoing in my faves.... kk, well, this is such a sentimental peice. it is truly a beautiful poem full of loving and caring emotions. i loved it! great write!

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