Heaven And Hell Poem by Valerie Dohren

Heaven And Hell

Rating: 4.9


We speak of doves and cherubims
Of angels chanting mystic hymns
With shimm`ring, swirling mists of night
Enshrouding souls in heav`nly flight

Then wait in hope that all shall find
Eternal peace for humankind -
Beyond the stars, this holy place,
We think to gaze upon His face

Yet here in life my soul is real
Within this heart, to love to feel
The splendour of man`s richest prize
The gift of life, where here it lies

It`s not beyond, but `neath the skies
Reflected in two lovers` eyes
It lingers in their tender kiss
Within their arms entwined in bliss

It`s present in each flow`ring rose
In every living thing that grows
Embracing every baby`s birth
It`s not above, it`s here on earth

And if you look you`ll see it clear
Within the things you hold most dear
Pervading every kindly deed
That satisfies each human need

It`s not a far and distant place
Reserved for those bestowed with grace
Immersed in every single breath
It`s found in life, not after death

And Hell...

The serpent lies in wait, we fear
The pangs of death e`er drawing near
For those whose lives have not been pure
This place, accursed, they must endure

Set deep within the earth`s sweet light
We speak of hell`s eternal night
Engulfing all possessed of sin
So dark, this evil place within

Yet through this broken heart, I know
It`s not some place that lurks below
It`s here in life, in every cry,
In every tear, in every lie

It`s found in every human pain
O`er every evil deed to reign
Concealed in all the things we fear
It`s not beneath the earth, but here

You`ll find it in each starving child
Within each living thing defiled
By man`s foul deeds, it lingers on
`Til every spark of truth is gone

And satan`s gift sure has a price,
The cost is pain and sacrifice
Of love, of joy, of peace divine
In eyes so blind, no more to shine

The devil`s fires don`t burn beneath
The earth, you`ll find no gnashing teeth -
War-torn children will tell you well
Where lash the raging flames of hell!

Karen Deeks 14 March 2012

At last! ! ! Common sense prevails... This is so right (to my mind) I scurried within and beneath the bible I had instilled in my brain from an early age(god was my invisible freind) but when I lost my sister after such a painful illness (The bible gave me no comfort whatsoever) I found myself lured by nature in my darkest hours and to hug a tree is a comfort. Not man made books from trees cut down. Sorry if I sound a bit strong but this is how I see it. I respect all religions just choose paganism and nature as the one to which I bow in reverence now.., thank you and as you can see, this write affected me as it is a relief. Karen If my comments are too strong I will not mind if this is removed.. Just had to say.

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G.R. Gaus 02 April 2012

Heaven and Hell here on earth; so eloquently written in equal form, not many can feel what you feel and still maintain the ability to express it. Thank You Valerie.......

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Vanessa Hughes 30 March 2012

Wonderful poem, you are inspiring me to want to write again about my beliefs of life. So pleased to have discovered your poetry x

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Frank Acquafredda 11 March 2012

i have to say that this poem was GREAT! ! ! ! i loved it..My favorite so far of your poems i had the chance to read. also thanks for the reviews.

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Kevin Halls 26 February 2012

What an awesome poem like a modern Milton! Love the flow and construction it is a little masterpiece.Well done on creating a brilliant piece of work.

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Claire Thomas 14 April 2013

Thats really good.I enjoyed that.Lilting quality to it.Life is for the living, for sure.

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Tom Higgins 18 October 2012

Absolutely brilliant writing! How wonderfully you use the language Valerie.

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Smoky Hoss 17 October 2012

Wow, right on Valerie! You hit the mark, perfect center; it is here and now, within us, and all around us. A radiant poem of life.

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Danny Draper 03 September 2012

What else can be said this poem says it powefully. Perhaps the Bohemians were right, truth, beauty, freedom and above all things love. These are ideals that exist without the need for fear to suppress and control, but alas people would not be encouraged to think for themselves. Love the way you split the poem so digital, monochrome a reply in terms acceptable to many theists.

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Valsa George 24 June 2012

Such a lovely poem.....far above comparision! ! ! !

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