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Heather Wilson Sends Her Best Wishes - Poem by Valerie Dohren

I'm sure all those of you who were followers of our lovely Heather are wondering what became of her as she has not been active on PH for some time now. I am in occasional contact with her via personal email, and have been in touch recently. Heather has asked me to pass on her best wishes to everyone. Heather herself is fine, but as you know is a carer for her disabled husband. Her husband's care needs have increased, therefore she has little time to write poems or be active on this site. She has mentioned that she has received a number of emails which she has been unable to answer, she simply does not have the time now.

I hope this little update will put your minds at rest if you have been worrying about her absence from the site. I thought this was the best way to let everyone know how she is doing and why she has not been posting or communicating.

I am sure you will join me in wishing Heather (and her husband) all the very best, and we hope that she will be able to return to PH at some time in the future. At present, she is unable to say whether she will or will not.

Three cheers for Heather...........

Comments about Heather Wilson Sends Her Best Wishes by Valerie Dohren

  • (9/16/2013 7:24:00 AM)

    Hear! Hear! To Heather Wilson and her husband. Let us hope she does return some day and until then will be in our thoughts. Valerie thank you for letting us know. (Report) Reply

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  • (9/6/2013 7:28:00 PM)

    Thank you very much for this info. Very kind of you to do so. (Report) Reply

  • Hans Vr (9/1/2013 7:14:00 AM)

    My very, very best wishes to Heather and her husband.
    I just have lost my father after a long disease.
    I wrote a small poem yesterday.
    I do not know, but if it can be of any help to Heather, please forward to her.
    Perhaps others can avoid the mistake I made myself:

    My dear father,

    When you were well, I truly loved you
    Not for what you had or what you gave me
    But truly for who you were and what you did

    But then, my dear father, this dementia came

    I still loved you so much, but more, I loved the one you used to be
    You forgot what day it was, not once but many times in a few hours
    Initially I hardly tolerated it, It was hard to accept, harder to respect

    I still loved the old you, but had so much difficulties even accepting the new you

    You had problems behaving properly in the supermarket.
    I thought I still loved you, but I was still loving the old you, father
    I had so much difficulties accepting the new you

    You were at home and expressed your longing to go home
    I could not accept it, did not even ask you where your home was
    I tried to convince you, you were home already.

    Oh my father, how I regret that I did not manage to love your new you more.

    I regret my prejudices of how everything should be
    I told my self I loved you so much, but I was loving the you, you used to be.
    Instead of loving you just the way you were, I fretted about what was no longer.
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  • Poetheart Morgan (8/28/2013 4:12:00 PM)

    Thanks for the warning. We are here hoping that everything goes well and she comes back to us. A big hug and health. (Report) Reply

  • Dee Corpolongo (8/27/2013 10:27:00 AM)

    This was so kind of you to do Val, and to let everyone here know!
    Also, I pray that all will ease up for her, and she will one day return.
    I also include her husband in the prayer....and three cheers for her
    ....and you! Thanks for this thoughtfulness too.
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  • Patricia Grantham (8/27/2013 7:46:00 AM)

    Thank you Valerie for posting this update on Heathers husband. As I stated in my
    poem on A Member to Remember we are just like one big family. We are not only
    on PH to write poems we are also here to encourage, uplift, enrich, and most of
    all to show concern for each other and their families. Special thanks to you for
    making us aware of this situation with Heather and a speedy recovery for her husband.
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  • (8/25/2013 3:28:00 PM)

    As you know Val I emailed Heather but as she's busy caring for her husband she never got back.
    Thanks for letting us all know she's fine and hopefully her husband improves soon.
    It's a shame though Heather still no longer writes her poems as they are very good and they give so much pleasure to all who read them.
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  • John Brown (8/25/2013 10:43:00 AM)

    Hip Hip Horray. What a shame, I hope she returns soon and that her husband improves. (Report) Reply

  • (8/23/2013 12:09:00 PM)

    You are a good friend and it seems you are there for her, I thank you for sharing this information with us all. I lost my wife to cancer a few years back, so I know what it is to have your life consumed with caring for a loved one. I wish the best for Heather and the one she loves and cares for. (Report) Reply

  • Juan Olivarez (8/22/2013 5:09:00 PM)

    I have missed Heather. Please wish her well for me Val. (Report) Reply

  • Geetha Jayakumar (8/21/2013 12:47:00 PM)

    So nice of you Valerie to post this message in PH site. We wish speedy recovery for Heathers husband.. Please pass our messages to her...thanks a lot. (Report) Reply

  • Kavya . (8/21/2013 5:35:00 AM)

    so nice of you Val to relay this message in PH site.We wish a speedy recovery for Heathers husband and may their lives come back to normalcy soon. (Report) Reply

  • Diane Hine (8/19/2013 8:04:00 PM)

    Thanks Valerie for letting us know and allowing us to pass on our best wishes to a lovely poet. (Report) Reply

  • Om Chawla (8/18/2013 6:44:00 AM)

    My prayers for the speedy recovery & well being of Heather Wilson's husband and best wishes for her own well being. May Almighty's blessings be with her in hour of need.
    Dear Valerie, many thanks for expressing such concern for a fellow poet. I must confess, I am a poor reader and had not been following Heather Wilson. I stand introduced to her now, thanks once again.
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  • Valsa George (8/17/2013 10:45:00 PM)

    So nice of you to have posted this message, Val. I too have been wondering what might have happened to her, though occasionally she has been giving some indirect hint of not being able to be lively on poem hunter! We as a family feel sad about the whole thing and pray for husband's speedy recovery! Let Heather be able to pursue her pet interest of writing poems at the earliest! (Report) Reply

  • (8/17/2013 5:40:00 PM)

    How very nice to do such a nice thing for someone else. Just proves how NICE, I think you are., always, S. (Report) Reply

  • Dinesh Nair (8/17/2013 10:28:00 AM)

    Thank you Valerie for this piece of information on Heather Wilson.. Heather Burns has been here for long and I was wondering as to what had happened to the other Heather.
    Valerie, I too join our poet friends in wishing Heather Wilson and her ailing husband all the very best. Let her prove to be a duteous wife and great human being with compassion and patience while carrying out her domestic duties. Heather will soon smile back, let us hope.
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  • Unwritten Soul (8/17/2013 6:53:00 AM)

    Oh dear Valerie, thanks for this message...She is one of the fine poets in PH, and we all know that. I didnt know that she is in this situation, i hope and wish she can do all the things well there...we should support her husband as well herself too with all motivations too, she's sweeet we all know that. I agree with all friends here in PH for the wishes and prayers...Tell her to not worry we always wanted the best for her and enjoy each moment she have there..yes written cheers for her from unwritten soul two take care _Soul (Report) Reply

  • Hazel Durham (8/17/2013 6:11:00 AM)

    I send my best wishes and love to Heather amd thank you Val for sharing this message. (Report) Reply

  • (8/17/2013 5:28:00 AM)

    I pray God to always give her strength to carry on in life, she must know that we all are with her in prayers.
    Thank you too Valerie for updating us about her, God bless you too.
    Siya_! !
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