Heaven-Sent Sister Poem by Meredith B.

Heaven-Sent Sister

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Coming home from school one day
Oh, how I longed for someone to play.
I had no sisters, only brothers
But they were too young anyway.

'Mom' I said 'Can we get girls?
We could get ones with beautiful curls! '
'I don't really know.' my mother replied.
I was never satisfied.

Each night I prayed to God above,
'Send a sister for me to love!
Please, Oh God, bring me a sister!
My family and I will hug and kiss her.'

Every night for oh, so long
I prayed to Christ with a short song
'Give me a sister with bright blue eyes.
Make them as blue as the beautiful skies! '

Then one day when I was seven
My mom at last had heard from heaven!
'We're adopting from Poland! ' Mom told me one day,
'We're getting a girl, and She'll be here to stay! '

Her name was Natalia, she had brown eyes and hair
Not exactly what I pictured but why should I care?
I'd finally have her, my own dream best friend.
My life with just brothers would come to an end!

After lots of waiting and lots planning
The plane sent to Poland had come in for a landing
Right when I saw her I gave her a hug
And also a present, a doll oh so snug.

I really did hope that she liked the present
I hoped she would know that she was Heaven-sent.
That night I sent praise to God above,
'Thank you for sending a sister to love! '

I promise to love her with all of my might.
I'll love her so much that we won't ever fight.
You know what a blessing this is to me.
Thank you, oh God for letting this be.'

She had special needs, but why should I care?
I finally had someone with which I could share,
All of my questions, and my deepest secret.
Though she couldn't answer, I knew she would keep it.

At last! A sister! At last! A girl!
So what if she doesn't have beautiful curls?
She's here to stay, mine forever,
And someone I know I will always treasure.

Charlotte M. 01 December 2022

This is so sweet! And I love the rhymes you came up with.

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