Hide And Seek Poem by Ashish Ram

Hide And Seek

They were playing shopkeeper's game in my parking lot,
Decorated a little corner with little dolls, little kites, little toys,
And every little thing they got,
Making innocent moves, in a round circle they sat,
An innocent shop, an innocent shopkeeper, on a little innocent..mat,
Then someone tried to imitate an innocent 'bargain',
Showing a beaded neclace, said,
'i won't pay so much for that'gold chain'! ! ! ',
The shopkeeper said, its okey, 'just give me your doll',
And the 'gold chain' is yours once and for all,
Moved I was to see, things valued for need and love not their content, The occupants of the little shop moved me with their innocent intent,
Gold, money, luxury all now seemed a little weak,
In this innocent world, where they still play hide and seek.

Shelley L Baxter-stanley 23 August 2007

Great message Ashish! Yes, there is so much more value in Love and the innocent sweet things of life... You captured a feeling in this poem and offered a great theme for the reader to hang on too.((Thank you)) Take care of U Shelley

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Preeti - is here! 24 July 2006

...gosh..the message creeps in beautifully out of the poem! Preets

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