Flirt Poem by Ashish Ram


Rating: 5.0

Walked to her room
The time was somewhere around noon
Had flowers in my hand
And my approach well-planned
Knelt on the floor, knocked on her door
And my heart started to soar
There she stood
She looked beautiful and stunning
And my heart beat started running
Lost for words was I
Prepared myself to say a lie
Gave her the flowers and confessed my love
Told her that we would be like a hand and glove
I lied that she is my only love
And that I am even ready to vow
She asked me to wait
And called her friend to the sight
Was shocked to see her friend
Who was my current girl friend
My girl friend started to bark
Couldn’t cool her down
And she continued to frown
Thought I would have two
Lost the one I had too
Wanted to be a big time flirt
But they had me biting dirt.

Nalini Hebbar 11 August 2006

that was real funny ashish...great rhyme and well written poem...after the dirt eating i hope you will be again ready for more! ! !

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Preeti - is here! 13 August 2006

Ashish, This one's brilliant and very hilarious, its like a hindi movie plot.LOL good work! Preets

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John K 20 September 2006

dude i love this poem its great love the ending

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Abhilasha Bhatt 03 February 2016

The way of telling and incident in the frame of poetry is awesome.....loved it.....but why did u stoped writing......start writing your emotions and experience once again.....thank you so much for sharing :)

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Riza Flores 22 May 2008

nice one! nice poem..i like it positive! hahaha..more powers

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Shelley L Baxter-stanley 17 April 2007

Well, that is quite the poem Ashish! Once again a funny one...and well all I could say to you is Ha Ha Ha...U keep doing that and you will be biting alot of dirt! ((Smile)) Great poem! Keep writing. =Shelley=

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Melvina Germain 17 April 2007

Caught in the act eh Ashish, don't ya just hate when that happens. Excellent poem Ashish---Melvina---

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Saad Ansari 29 November 2006

kool thought man! i like it... keep it up.

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