Can'T Stop Loving You Poem by Ashish Ram

Can'T Stop Loving You

Rating: 4.5

It seems to be the hardest thing to do
When you asked me to forget you,
Honey! I got words very few.....
To tell you that i just cant stop loving you!

The memories that you've given me
Of unparalled happiness, cheer and glee
Now i stand before you with this plea
I just wanna tell you that i just cant stop loving you!

I had started living life again
After all of life's sorrows and pain
I guess you cant see my tears in this rain
Can i tell you that i just cant stop loving you....once again!

Anjana Aravind 24 July 2006

Nice poem, Ashish Anjana

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Anastasia Prescott 20 July 2006

Your poem really touched me...brought back some memories. Good work Ashish. Amrita

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Colleen Wright 19 July 2006

A true artist is prepared to bare his soul... you are a true artist Ashish Ram - Wonderful! Thank you for sharing and trusting. Colleen.

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Sweet Seven 12 July 2006

ow! this is such a full of emotion piece... nice work ashish =)

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Shelley L Baxter-stanley 15 April 2007

This a wonderful poem with a Great message about Love.I can tell much feeling went into this poem and I thank you for sharing.Send your loved one this poem and maybe they will get the message and take heed to it.((Smile)) Keep writing from the heart =Shelley=

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Melvina Germain 15 April 2007

A very sweet and loving poem, expressed to someone that you just can't stop loving. I hope she realizes how special she is.Thankyou for this wonderful write Ashish.---Melvina---

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Catastrophe King 13 September 2006

Thats a beautiful confession to your loved one - hope she hears you! ! You write beautifully... the rythym is just perfect. Great going.....10 for you here.

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R P 20 August 2006

You r d best. RP

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Preeti - is here! 24 July 2006

I see those words coming out of my mouth, but they wouldn't! I wish i could say them out loud to the one I want to. Your poem is superb! Preets

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